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I think it is time for me to let everyone really know who I am. I think I shall start with I am a grandmother and I have been singing all my life. I don't remember a time I wasn't singing.

When my grandchildren started to arrive I thought it was time for me to do more than just sing so I started to recored and I have not stopped since.

My first love is for the story, what all the old traditional songs had to say, be they long or short they have always held a fascination for me. If I had lived in the times of old I would have carried my harp from place to place to sing songs of battles, heroes, fair maidens, and legends.

You will find traditional songs, cover songs and new stories in song......So for those who love a good story come listen to my stories and enjoy.......

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Ty Delta for reviewing my song The Ornament. Yes, it was sad.
True story that happened to me.
It is me singing.
Always been told my voice sounds young....
Ty again.

Thanks Delta on a kind score on "The Longest Night". As far as the meaning of the lyrics, I tend to be vague and metaphorical. It can be memories of a trauma like war or the trauma of abuse growing up in any form. It can be a troubling relationship or marriage issue. I think i blanketed a lot of "what if's" that could qualify. It also is semi-autobiographical but I tend to keep that vague element when it comes to myself. Cheers

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Delta Burnett Reed
2 weeks ago

Steve, thanks for getting back to me and making the song smoky clear lol!
I get it, like a dream that makes sense while in it, but try to tell it awake... liked your song... always a friend in music 🎶🎶🎶Delta

John Walradt
over 30 days ago to Delta Burnett Reed

Delta, beautiful cover of Art and Margie Corey's "One Time We Cared." I really like the guitar arrangement and the soulful bringing out of the lyrics. Art and Margie are great songwriters and you interpreted their song with the emotion it deserves.

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Delta Burnett Reed
over 30 days ago

John, Thank You for the listen and kind words... love Art and Margie music and that song just talked to me.. I am so glad they gave me permission to do it. My producer is my guitarist... he is the best... he ware's many hats for my music... Joepod, Joe Podlesny, he is also a BJ member...
Happy Easter, in music... Delta

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