When I first started recording my wee ditties , it was strictly for my own pleasure , and for anyone else that would care to listen .
I was then told by a music management team , they were worthy of more . I was then offered a contract , which involved writing songs for up and coming artists on their books . Sadly they ran out of money , so that was that !
Since their demise , their have been two other interested parties , both promising fortune and fame . While there have been a few near misses , the elusive hit record still remains a dream .
Maybe it will be fourth time lucky......
Meanwhile , feel free to check me out on all the usual on line music platforms .
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Thanks Phil for kind words and score on "Shelter Me In Your Lovin' Arms". It is appreciated!

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My pleasure Steve .

Thanks for bending an ear and reviewing `Dancin`Shoes`. Appreciate it!

Hi Phil,
Thanks so much for the review and comments on my song "Hearing Voices". You are correct that the Spanish guitar is a sample... I played the part via my keyboard.

I appreciate you taking the time to listen and provide helpful, positive feedback!

I'll check out some more of your music.

Be and stay well!

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over 30 days ago

Your welcome Frank , happy New year !

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