Timeless War

Story Behind The Song

Remembering my youth and realizing nothing has changed....we are still sending our troops out and in danger around our world....we need to be grateful for what all our soldiers have given up for us in all the years we have been in one conflict or another...WW I...WW II..Korean...Viet Nam, Gulf War...Afghanistan..have I left any out?..how many years of peace have we had since 1915?......not many!!!!!....1915 ---- 2022

Song Description

Remembering the times I was standing on a two lane road as a teen in the 1960"s watching convoys go by, truck after truck full of young boys off too become soldiers...did they all come back???? Viet Nam was waiting for them in the wings...my 19 year old husband was soon to follow...4 months after we were married.

Song Length 2:15 Genre Spoken Word - Politics, Spoken Word - General
Mood Heartbreaking, Troubled Subject Fear, Frustration
Language English Era 1960 - 1969


Timeless War
When i was young I would watch all the young boys in convoys roll by..
I would wave to them not knowing this girl of 16 was waving to some,
who would never return.

They would shout and wave in joy of the day.
we both lost our innocents and youth by the way..

Viet Nam was the war in my youth, that took beautiful young boys and
into soldiers, they were made.
Some came home and others stayed, others were left with scars that,
you could see, and others with scars that were hidden deep.

Now we have wars that they claim are not,
yet still our soldiers come home to be laid to rest,
or with scars that never heal

Do you shine a light of verdant green, to thank all the soldiers,
who have gone before and yet for those who still march on?

When will the tide turn and all our soldiers come home safe
and all the greed in the world is satisfied,
to end our war of a 100 years.

To all the soldiers that are weary and sore,
lets us not forget all you have sacrificed and
to know a thank you is never, never, enough.

They would shout and wave in joy of the day,
We both lost our innocence and youth ....That day....

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