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Songwriter looking for collaborations with producers. Main style: POP/EDM, POP/ROCK. I also write country, musical and other genres, but my main focus is pop-inspired. Britney, Gaga, Rihanna, Ariana, Sugababes, and many more.

Don't be shy! Hit me up and let's create some magic!

I work in FL Studio to create the base structures and sounds for my songwriting and am looking for people to collaborate with that can take my stuff to the final product.

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Delta Burnett Reed
over 30 days ago to Rolce

Hi Rolce, I finally have a moment to thank you for the most in depth review I have ever had... You found my "I Who Have Nothing" which is a cover song from 1963 and sung by Ben E King from a translated Italian love song.... My choice was to sing it as a lament.... I have heard it sung with angst...Mary Byrnes, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassie....my songs on BJ are never radio ready until they are ready for a cd... my producer loves to get any and all feedback to help him produce songs better for me through the help of other ears.... we all hear differently...
I have natural vibrato in my voice which can lead listeners to think I should sing toward Opera which is where I put Charlotte Church... but my love of the story gets in the way.... If I had lived in the before times I would go from place to place with my harp or lute and sing stories of love, heroes, battles, and probably been a man...I do love a good story...
I liked your one song I found... and thank you for your time....you are welcome to give a listen to any of my list of songs on my bj page...
I am always a friend in music.....Delta

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