Heart ache and desire

Song Description

This is a song about the fine line between heart ache and the feelings of a break up. Being torn between the two feelings of loving someone but not sure if they are right for you.

Song Length 3:38 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Dance
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried, Heartbreaking Subject Heartbreak, Breaking Up
Similar Artists micheal ackson Era 2000 and later

Cool vocal arrangement. Nice production; the edgy guitars juxtaposed to the soulful and orchestral elements create a cool vibe. "Heartache and desire...flame and fire..." a timeless conundrum; good job on the lyrics/subject. Great job overall!

Good use of stripped back instrumentation
Sounds like 80's new wave
good use of vocals

The beat actually reminds me of Rihanna's new song "Kiss it Better." The sections of the song are easy to follow and the melodies flow into each other nicely.

good production work ...good vocals ... got a good groove to it...

good modern r &b pop track , great production and memorable melody.
single material type of track. good recording. enjoyed the song. has a dark feel which appeals. nice mix too

Nice recording...good balance and stereo imaging
Quite a catchy chorus
Well done

Nice upbeat song, good arrangement and vocals

Vocal reminds me of Rick James. Nice vocal treament. Recording quality is not bad.

The voice is very nice, It's very well produced, it sounds very professional.The instruments and the voice are mixed right. So very well done!!

Good quality arrangement

Peter Gabriel reference is quite obvious in the first half of the song but this is not a pastiche, it goes in a different direction toward the ending. The PG feeling comes in mind especially within the treatment of the vocals. This is very interesting and while not fully mainstream provides a good alternative to listen.

really radio ready r&b number. dynamic presentation. I liked the mid tempo not too fast not too slow reminds me of phil collins a little bit...good work and good luck

This is a great song with a great feel to it. I can actually hear it as a soundtrack...very easily. Or the song for a cool sitcom intro. The echoes of the voices back and forth are wonderful. I always love and prefer minor keys (C# ?). The pacing of the beat and chords is perfect--creates the right vibe.

Really like the lead vocals and backing vocals, great keyboards and drums as well.

Awesome! Great tune with some truly unique layering of instruments and vocals. This grabs you from the start with the interesting percussive build up, keeping things nice and sparse as the vocals take control...slowly building to awesomeness. Love it.

This is just a cool tune. Well sung, well produced, radio ready.

Great guitar riffs at the intro leading the listener to expect a rock song, then there was an introduction of R&B beats and a mixture of pop, which gives this song good crossover potential on several charts. Loved the upbeat melody and the staccato drums add potential for the club scene. Singer has a voice very reminiscent of Prince. In every way, as a matter of fact, I was reminded of Prince's music so I would classify this song as having what it takes for today's market.

Lyrics Amy Abernathy Music Kamar Ivey( Mr. Slick)
Performance Kamar Ivey
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