We Will See Him

Story Behind The Song

It's about our Lord Jesus returning one day, you need to be ready.

Song Length 3:52 Genre Classical - Religious


We Will See Him
( Amy Abernathy 2018)

We will see him, We will see Him
In the Glow of the early Morning
Or in the hush of the darkest night
Coming down from heaven's portal
With thunder and amazing light.

( Chorus)
He'll whisper to his army and say it's time
While soldiers of heaven fall in line
He'll descend from the sky, so Valiantly
My Lord is coming, Christ my king.
Clouds will open and rapture me
He is coming to declare he is king
My Lord is coming, every eye will see.
Oh he is coming to declare he's king
( Background
- We will see him, we will see him)

We will see him, We will see him
He'll whisper sweetly to our souls
While the angels in heaven sing
Clouds will open and call the saints
What a glorious day it will be.


Bridge He is coming, he is coming soon
Are you ready, are you going too?


Oh my wow. This song is positively electrified. Everything is great here. Starting with a sensual, timbre-rich voice, ending with a piano part and production.

I don't listen routinely to this genre, but musically I appreciate the quality of this piece. The instrumental accompaniment allowed the voice and lyrics to to take "center stage" , which is absolutely appropriate.
Nice voicing and vocal range!

Very nice performance. Good Christian message.

Great vocal choice for the score, clean but with a little grit on the edge of it. The piano wasn't overly complicated, but It fit well with the song. Good use of interval matching between the vocals and piano. Nice jump in intervals as well with the vocals.

One of the best songs I have ever heard on the second coming of Christ. So passionately sung! Love it! Love the allusions to the Warrior King and His army.
Mrs. Kate

Well played and beautiful vocals. A bit on the apocalyptic side, but remaining Joyful Noise. Some orchestration would build the emotion, and of course, you can go wrong with Angels singing harmony. Only God is Perfect!

Absolutely beautiful Amy.

This s a great song where you can feel the hop of Jesus return

Hi Amy,

Thanks for sharing this. What a great song. Peaceful, pious and rich in imagery. All-around, a great song. The nice thing is that it stands on its own as a vocal/piano endeavor and sends a fine, righteous message.

The ONLY thing that tripped it up for me was the word, "valiantly"..... a very tricky word ..... other than that it is a fine song, Love the melody, the chord progression and the reprise near the end.

The only other "idea" I have is that it might be very powerful if the song ends on a HIGH note....but that is just a suggestion.

God bless you, my friend....


Chet Nichols

A very good, uplifting song about the return of Christ. From a pure technical point of view, songs with this topic are inspired which makes them easier to write. But it's hard to make them unique, as the topic has been addressed so many times before. The two lyrical hooks (We Will See Him and He Is Coming....King) in the song do a good job of bringing uniqueness to it. The vocalist is stellar, pitch, phrasing and passion all as good as it gets. While the vocal creates many peaks and valleys throughout the song, the backing instrumentation does not. If this was my song, I would build peaks and valleys similar to what the vocal is doing. Also, I would close the song with "We Will See Him." While the hooks are both good, it seems We Will See Him is the hook at the front of the song and He Is Coming To Declare He Is King is the hook at the backend. While listening, I thought the writer was going to close with "We Will See Him Again" as the last line as it closes the hook-loop and works with the second hook. If it was my song, I would re-write the hook at the end to incorporate both of the lyrical hooks to close the song. I love this piece and with a couple of lyrical tweaks, you have a song that is very unique in a very competitive field. One last point: Without any changes the song certainly conveys the desired message of the writer. Nothing really needs to change from that perspective. My above suggestions are strictly from a commercial perspective. Great job and thanks for being a member of Broadjam, Roy

Tremendous production!

Lyrics Amy Abernathy Music Andrew Capra
Producer Andrew Capra Performance Andrew capra
Label BMI
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Clean Clean

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