Dirt on My Shirt

Story Behind The Song

Sometimes we have dirt in our lives that we keep hidden, but God loves us just the same.

Song Length 3:22 Genre Blues - Country, Country - Religious


Amy Abernathy, Amy Sporleder
©2019 gagirlames@hotmail.com, asporleder@gmail.com

Met some good friends we went out to eat
Ordered a great big burger extra cheese
I spilled ketchup on my brand new blouse
That crimson stain just wouldn't come out

Felt like everyone was starin' at me
It got me thinkin' 'bout what we can't see
There's a red spot on my clothes and heart
What would they think if they saw those marks

Might be a little dirt on my shirt
But my soul's washed clean
There may be dust on my blue jeans
But His blood has covered me
You may see my muddy parts
But God sees what's in my heart
Might be a little dirt on my shirt
But my soul's clean

Past mistakes come 'round they're hauntin' me
The devil points my way accusingly
Painful things others have said and done
These all get stripped away by His great love


One day I will stand before the God of Light
With nothing hidden, no more darkness deep inside
I will see His glory shining like the day
The scarlet clothes I wear will be forever changed

CH x 2
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The band sounds professional. Good instrumentation.

had sort of a Steve Miller Lynard Skynard type feel... southern feel made it comfortable like you have heard it before

Excellent mix, lyrics, Voice, nice rythym

Lyrics Amy Abernathy Music Amy Sporleder
Producer David Leonard/ reveal Audio Performance Donna King
Label BMI
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