His Faithful Love Endures

Song Length 4:09 Genre Pop - Religious


His Faithful Love Endures
( Amy Abernathy, Pat Mock, Eva Wilson, Allison Everil)

When you think you're all alone
Remember God is near,
He Knows you're every sorrow,
He feels your every tear.

His faithful Love endures,
His faithful love endures,
His favor last a life time,
His faithful love endures.

VS. 2
If you fear what each day holds,
It seems you've lost you're way.
He'll lead you through the darkness,
He'll Guide each step you take.

Chorus ( 2x)

On and on, on and on
From now until eternity
His love goes on and on,
His love goes on and on


CC Amy Abernathy, Allison Everill, Eva Wilson, Pat Mock

Very nice song and lyrics. The production is well done and very listenable. I would consider having the band join me on tour.

Amy, this is a good one. It reminds me of Twyla Paris. Really nicely done! Bravo my friend. The vocalist did a great job. The production seems a little "crowded" at times but I like it a lot. Mrs Kate

You always deliver a powerful message in your music. His Faithful Love Endures is a testament for all who believe. I just lost my father two weeks ago after a 17 month battle with brain cancer. Your song is a touchdown for me in my time of grief. God bless you Amy for lifting me up with your song.
Yours truly, Trey - The Song Writers :-)x

Lyrics Amy Abernathy,Eva Wilson, Pat Mock,Allison Everill Music Pat Mock/ Allison Everill
Producer Tony Molica Performance Alex Rupurto
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