Let's Talk

Song Description

This dreamy introspective tune is kicked off with some crushed up drums and steady piano which builds into a cacophony of screaming guitars.

Song Length 2:10 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Welcoming Subject Hear, Listening, Ears, Suspicion
Similar Artists Radiohead, The Fray Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lets Talk
Come On and Talk
Can You Hear Me When I Say

I liked the energy, easy flow like I was tumbling around in the recording (a good thing). Vocals were placed well in the mix; everything sounded organic and cohesive. A good vibe that was over before I knew it. Also, a good thing,

Nice sound for this genre, reminds me of Radiohead for some reason.

Really liked the drum parts and the way that they change throughout the song, helped emphasize or spotlight changes etc. The recording is very well done everything is heard without distracting from the groove and theme. Vocalist really has a voice for rock I can imagine tons of comparisons yet still unique. Would have liked the song to be a little longer and maybe a screamin guitar solo but then I am into screamin guitar solos.

Love the vocal quality and rhythmic elements.

Good beat and decent mix.

Decent singer for sure. The recording is better than so many I hear on broadjam.

I really like the vocals and also the drums, the synthesizer sounds nice as well.

The song has a hypnotic repetitive quality that takes this listener "inside" the music, rather than listening from the outside. The lyrics are minimalist, and even though at times they're a bit unclear, they contribute to and enhance the above effect. The production is superb, and the introduction of different effects helps the build of the song.

Professional stuff.

Vocals sweet. Vibe infectious. Very pop with nice groove

Fitting this into the rock-easy listening genre is pretty natural to myself, and I like the feel I get from it As a listener, which indeed I am much more than a professional (whatever the heck that might be,) but the instrumentation kind of really vacuumed out my mind to the spic n span condition, something near impossible to do. The keys are front where they belong on this baby, and while the lyric did not come through as effective as I think they should, I sort of wrote my own where I could not understand the words. That is how music should be anyway, songwriters today pump too much information and useless data in every song out there, well almost every one of them. I say let the listener decide because listeners are going to do it anyway, prime example is a song called or known as DREAM ON. NObody knows the real lyric, all they hear is DREAM ON. And that is cool and very human.

Really like the song - I like the sound and the beat. It does have a nice easy listening feel to it, and I really, really liked the effects on the voice. Enjoyed the drums and the fills. Also liked the additional percussive elements you added. It's very simple, but enjoyable to listen to. The build at the end is good and I like the way it kind of drops off after that.

Great intro, nice lofi sound. Vocals kick in perfectly, sound great, remind me of Interpol a little pit. Nice tone to the vocal and lyrics are great. They don't last very long though! Overall I definitely like the sound and the feel of the track.

I really liked the intro which got my attention, good instrumental hook. Great flow and beat which kept me involved throughout the song. Over all, I thought it was a great sound!

Hooks and progression of the song fits all very well together. Also the genre would fit to many occasions (radio, TV etc..)

I have to say that when I first heard the intro, I was a little worried that you had mistakenly labeled an electronica/pop tune to the "Rock" category.

While it may be arguable that is the case, a good song transcends labels...and I think that after hearing it a few times, I definitely feel you have a good song that would appeal to alot of music lovers.

The recording is professional sounding, the mix is balanced, the arrangement is natural sounding, and the performances are all very good.

I think you have a very catchy tune, that with a little "tweaking" could appeal to an even broader market than it may at present.

It's a very nice job.

Very nice, reminds me a little of the Jam. Very good

Lyrics Isaac Leland Music Isaac Leland and Brandon Grna
Producer Isaac Leland and Brandon Grna Publisher Isaac Leland and Brandon Grna
Performance Isaac Leland and Brandon Grna Label Isaac Leland and Brandon Grna
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