In a time when the DIY craze has taken over just about everything from car repair to antique recovery Alta Sky has been burgeoning under the same tenets of autonomy and exertion to produce rock music that steps outside the bounds of "mainstream", transcending any formulas or gimmicks to a form of truly complete self expression. Based out of a warehouse studio hidden in the Heart of Orange County's industrial park, the group has been both writing and recording new songs with only their own modest equipment and flourishing clout to produce sounds that will stand up to top dollar studios and seasoned producers alike, all completely on their own.

Sounds Like: Maroon 5, Muse

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We have been gearing up to have a great 2015 and beyond. In February we released our first brand new tune of the year, "Loosen Your Love" In march we followed up with our next song of the year "Let's talk" . These are a good indication of things to come as the band aspires to reach out to listeners throughout the year 2015, releasing one song per month from its extensive back catalog of demos.


over 30 days ago to Alta Sky

Hi Alta Sky,
Thanks for the review! I thought I'd let you know that I just released a new album and all the tracks are available for free download, if you're interested in checking them out.

Great Hook, great sound!

Radiation Mountain
over 30 days ago to Alta Sky

Thanks again Alta!! (The Second Hand) ~Jeff

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Clean Clean

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