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“Like A Fool I Say” was selected by SongwriterUniverse, as one of the top 5 songs of the month for January 2023

“We Say I Love You” was selected by SonwriterUniverse,as one of the top 5 songs of the month for December 2022

March 2022, In the last six months, these songs have been in rotation on the North Central Washington country radio.
I Must Have Kissed An Angel
With No Goodbye
I Won't Be The One 
Hide Your Eyes 

Been really great to hear our work air between the big names of country music.



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Congrats on your two songs on the Earth top 10 (#1)! That's amazing and well deserved.

Very cool

Hi Kenny,
Thanks for the 5's for "Speed of life".
Who's doing the recordings of your tunes? They really sound good.


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Clean Clean

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