Loosen Your Love

Song Description

"Loosen Your Love", a mesh of hip-hop grooves, garageband guitar leads, and a bit of musical programming, encompases a piece of music that has both roots in the traditional four piece we all know and love while growing into some of the modern elements of electronic music that have gripped so many young fans.

Song Length 3:20 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Unrequited Love, Pride Similar Artists Maroon 5, Muse
Language English Era 2000 and later


I'm stuck in a haze I can erase all that you want love. She come from the night and into my life with champagne and white gold. And I started to crave I see a way that I can invent love. So pour out the wine just give it time I've got the better love yeah

(Prechorus) I don't know where you want to go but somehow I think I'd like it

(Chorus) One shit to the head and I survive another bullet to the back and I'm all right, when you're bringing it down I'll be bringing it back, you're gonna have to work harder, harder than that, Come on said loosen your love tell me if you've got time I don't wanna go only if its one time I want to get to know you goodbye

Come on step right don't you listen to them they've got no heart they're gonna do it again every now and then it gets a little convoluted so tell them with your heart if your cover is gone

love the piano! the chorus is very catchy

LOVE the piano INTRO ! hits right to point of the song... sets the mood....

vocalist is a pro... what a nice treat for the listener ! Very good phrasing... emphasis placed on the right words for the mood.... maybe natural for this singer.

the bass ...... nice lick line

background singers balanced.

nice horn work....

percussion pattern nails it.... someone has a lot of rhythm in their life.... super.

synth bass line fits perfectly... followed by main bass

bass against the rhythm/lead guitar with the percussion punch drives this song....

ok.... this is an ALL 5s song.... I hope to hear more from the producers and songwriter...as well as the main vocalist..

when all is said and done.... I just sat back and enjoyed listening a few more times.

Great vocals and music sounds brilliant cool lyrical content has market potential

An impressive piece of work, commercially speaking. It's got punch and urgency too.

Overall jumped up to a 5 for me, even though the average does not reflect this, I still give it a 5. partly because the lyric is a cut above what we hear about songs today being at a 3rd grade level for the lyric. I like the overall sound as well, and think everything fits in pretty good as we hear it. The rhythm is successful in my mind as well.

So cool. I really dig the vibe on this one. Good intro like ear candy. Catchy verses and I love the syncopation of the lyrics. I like the arrangement of it as well. Nice surprises along the way. Everything falls into place and dug that you brought back the instrumental for a bit. Love it!!

Great vocals!
nice production and good beat!
Nothing to add keep up the good work!

OK song, I love the sound of the drums good vocals as well!

Nice to hear a well polished pop song. Good job. Enjoyed the tune. Great singing and I like the variation in music/instrumentation used ("we are alone" part at end, before the guitar solo stuff). Voice matches this type of song well. Falseto works nicely. Well written for pop style.

this is a catchy pop song with good rhythm. danceable good melody and chorus. very good voices. instrumentation simple but effective

Sweet piano kicking this off and into the main feel. So engaging right from the off, just draws you in straight away and then carries you on a journey back to the main piano riff again. This is absolutely excellent, instrumentation, vocals, originality. Love this will be checking out more from this artist, top marks.

Like the rough sound of the recording, doesn't sound to polished, good quality lyrics

Great song. I love the melody. The hook, the verses, both are great. Very commercial sounding. Vocals were great. Instrumentation was great. Bridge and solo were very cool. I can hear this song on the radio. Loved the song.

Loved the vocalist's energy. Very marketable qualities and attitude. Really dug the breakdown around 2:00. "Somehow I think I like it" is a really great "sinful" hook.

Lyrics Isaac Leland Music Isaac Leland and Brandon Grna
Producer Isaac Leland and Brandon Grna Publisher Isaac Leland and Brandon Grna
Performance Isaac Leland and Brandon Grna Label Isaac Leland and Brandon Grna
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