Writes what he feels. His music can range from a country story to a pissed off punk rocker. "The song has to move me for it to move you."

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I just re-uploaded, Make The World A Better Place. It is the first song recorded on my Tascam DP32. I've gone digital.


Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and one hit wonders.


Several years in the heavy metal band Dark Iron playing bass and singing lead. We released a tape titled " The Dream". Worked with a band called "Harvey Brown" and we released a comic video called "I Just Wanna Be A Star, Someday". I spent two years co hosting a radio show, Evil Jacks Wicked Vinyl, where we would spin vinyl and talk about the groups. I've helped several local bands record their demos and did an east coast tour as the maintenance engineer a for a group from Spain. I've been in a few local cover bands but now I work on my own stuff. I started writing songs ever since I learned how to play the guitar.

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over 30 days ago to Ricky John Brown

Hi, thank you for your review of Pluto's Heart.

J Nelson K
over 30 days ago to Ricky John Brown

Ricky John, "If We All Could Get Along ... Get Together And Sing A Song" Indeed! ... Enjoyed "Make The World A Better Place" Good Work Man ... Best Wishes For Wherever Life & The Music May Lead You ... J Nelson K

Rhiannon Starr
over 30 days ago to Ricky John Brown

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to your music :)

1 Replies
Ricky John Brown
over 30 days ago

I'm flattered that you enjoyed my music, Thank you very much for your comment.

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