Patrick (Alexander) Dude is my real name. Born in Hamburg, Germany in 80', I moved to West Palm Beach, Fl in 1981. German is my first language. My music is very different in the sense that each and every song of mine falls under a different genre. All my music is very passionate.. Music is my only form of expression, Most say that my music is very original. I write my songs simply by picking up a guitar and start playing wherever my fingers guide me (improv). The same goes for my vocals. Music is what keeps me alive day after day. Writing music is the only thing that gives me some sort of drive, and reflection. Every time I play my vision of this world which is so foggy, once again captures the clarity in life. All songs are written, performed, arranged, mix, mastered, and produced by me in my home studio.

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Im a one man band with a professional home Studio. I am a producer, songwriter, arranger, sound engineer, etc.. If anyone is looking for a professional production, or mastering services, upload your individual audio files as mp3 attachments to my E-Mail address Then explain what you would like from me in detail & I will do the first song for free. Im leaving in 3 weeks, so act fast.

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My name is Patrick A Dude, and yeah Dude is my real last name. I was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1983. I then moved to West Palm Beach in 1984, I continued to live in Germany, on and off for @ 10 years and I speak german fluently. I was valedictorian in high school and proceeded to go to the University of Colorado at Boulder. What I wish for most in life is to become a rock star.
I knew that I was going to be a musician & singer before I even picked up a guitar when I was around 12 years old. When that day came, that day I finally picked up a guitar, it seemed so natural to me that I couldn't put it down. It was only one year later when I also picked up a pen and started writing poetry which turned to lyrics. The next thing I new I was singing. The one thing that is very special about my music is that everything I have ever learned, I taught myself. Therefore, I have a very unique and individualistic style that no one can really identify with. I play by ear and all my music is very passionate and my only form of expression is through my music. I wouldn't begin to know who to relate my music to. People tell me I sound very original.
So here I am twelve years later, a songwriter, writer of lyrics and music, as well as performer, while singing and playing lead guitar, rythm guitar, bass guitar, along with the piano (but not on a professional level). Music is what keeps me alive day after day. Writing music is the only thing that gives me some sort of drive, motivation, reflection, and faith. I am an artist. Yet ulike other artists, I don't need inspiration to play music, playing music inspires me, playin music (only material I have written) makes me feel whole. I write my songs simply by picking up a guitar and start playing wherever my fingers guide me (improv) and simultaniously start to sing whatever comes out of my mouth (improv). Eventhough, often times what I'm singing about doesn't make a bit of sense to you, my inner and outer surroundings, which were entirely masked with confusion, all at once begin to clear. My body, soul, spirit, and mind , once again capture the feeling of clarity in the meaning of life.

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Numinous Owl
over 30 days ago to Patrick Dude

Patrick, Dude. Risen, Hot. Believe That. Rock On.

Radiation Mountain
over 30 days ago to Patrick Dude

Hey Patrick -- "Listen" is an outstanding tune (or should I say ausgezeichnet?)

Hi Patrick, Thanks for the fair and very kind review of "Subliminal Messages". I not a singer and couldn't find anyone who would sing this song so I had to attemp it myself, thus the apprehension and low level. Thanks for the confidence booster! Dave - CenterPeace

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Patrick Dude
over 30 days ago

It was my pleasure. Great track. Thanks

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