Michele Hudson's talent at taking life experiences and weaving them into compelling and memorable songs is a spiritual gift from God. A marketing consultant by trade, Michele uses her marketing intuition to craft songs with commercial appeal, and is actively seeking artists to record them. A SESAC affiliate and former member of the Nashville Songwriters Association, Michele has penned several hundred songs.

Owner of Top-of-Mind, a music and promotion firm, Michele's goal is creating and sharing music with heartfelt, passionate messages in a variety of genres. As a PR professional, she helps artists and her clients get seen and heard! Stay up-to-date by checking out her NEWS section.

Thanks for being part of the journey as God uses Michele, her collaborators, and clients, to share messages that inspire and make a positive impact!

Michele G. Hudson
Top-of-Mind/ Music & Promotion

Latest News

Michele's first cut - "Lovin' the Highway," released May 2007, on Country Artist Jim Van Fleet's CD.

Seeking recording artists to share with the world, the culturally relevant Christmas song: "Keep Christ in Christmas," and "It's Still Christmas!"


Michele Hudson's talent at taking a life experience... a thought...an emotion, and weaving them into a compelling and memorable song, is a spiritual gift from God. It is to His glory and honor that Michele dedicates her songwriting craft -- and her life.

A poet since the age of 12, Michele's creativity emerged while sitting under a maple tree in her yard, enjoying the beauty of nature and pondering life. Placing words on a page was a natural outflow.

In college, Michele pursued a journalism path, acquiring a Communications Degree from the University of Central Florida. As marketing and public relations professional, she helped numerous companies grow their business. As an entrepreneur, Michele developed innovative products, and the need to exercise her creativity seemed an endless pursuit.

As Michele continued to surrender more and more of herself to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, He birthed in her the most stimulating and fulfilling creative gift that she could ever image: taking words that once sat flat on a page, and turning them into songs!

This craft was nurtured and inspired by strategic people God placed in her path, one of whom gave her encouragement and the use of a Casio Keyboard. A vocal coach / songwriting partner further launched her music career.

Regarding life experiences about which she writes, Michele says: "I feel emotions very deeply and process everything through the lyrics of a song."

This sensitivity breeds much material, and songs with substance. The past 12 years, Michele has penned 700+ songs and continues to write prolifically. Barely 5 minutes go by when she is not singing a lyric or crafting a melody.

She greatly loves and appreciates the support of her family -- Gray Hudson, owner of Hudson Financial Group, and her 20-year-old son, Michael, who helps with computer technology.

Michele was blessed to sing and play tambourine for ten years with the Praise & Worship Band at Celebration -- a Gathering at Asbury UMC in Maitland, Fla. Now she travels with Christian inspirational speaker and former WWE Wrestling Champion, Marc Mero, to churches worldwide, leading people to Christ.

A member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), Michele is affiliated with the performance rights organization, SESAC.

Michele invites you to join her on a songwriting journey! Read the "stories behind the songs" and experience the adventure of watching God's plan unfold as He uses Michele and her collaborators to share messages of love, heartbreak, healing, hope, inspiration, blessings, and beyond -- in a variety of musical genres.

For updates on what is happening in Michele's music career, please go to the NEWS section of this website.

To quote songwriter David Lee, "God writes the songs; He allows us to hold the pen." Michele is privileged to be one of God's "pen holders!" Thank you for your prayers, love, and support!


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