Michael Laechel (born Michael Jonathan Laechel; May 17, 1976) is an American Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer. Laechel has released, five full-length studio albums, his debut: The Mystic Moods - Volume 1 (1996), The Colorful Conclusion (2001), Live Internet Shows [2003-2004]: Disc 1 (2004), Live Internet Shows [2003-2004]: Disc 2 (2004) and Faces (2005).

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Looking for a Freelance Chicago Artist to create a low budget fun funk/pop/rock/original world wide music video for the song, "Welcome to Planet What The Fuck." 


Also, looking for a Freelance Chicago Artist to create an updated 2022 World Wide release album cover of, "The Colorful Conclusion." Please send a message by clicking on: "Contact" (above).

All credit will be on this website.

Biography of Michael Laechel

Michael Laechel has been a freelance/singer/songwriter/composer for the past 26 years. Laechel grew up in Deerfield Illinois and started his musical dream by viewing many MTV videos as a child and playing with old instruments around the house. Although the electric guitar was his dream instrument, he started out playing piano and taking lessons. Years went by, and Michael played with a variety of different bands throughout the Chicago area. Laechel realized that music was his life, and songwriting was his destiny. He built his first home recording studio with only pieces from old stereos and other parts he found at his local 'Radio Shack' store.

As the years have gone by, Michael Laechel has been a noted talent throughout the Chicago/Milwaukee area. He graduated in 1999 from Barat College of DePaul University, with a B.A. in Humanities and a Concentration in Music. Michael has always been on the road to success and nothing has stopped the dream he has always had burning within.

After playing with many Chicago bands, Laechel went on to his solo mission. Thirty albums produced, written, recorded, and performed by Michael, have given him the support he has needed to be recognized in the music industry across the nations. As a college student, he started his own record label, "Addiction Records". He has had songs of his broadcasted on Chicago's Top-40 FM radio stations, Q-101.1 and 102.3, and Milwaukee's Top-40 FM radio Rock 102.1.

When Michael graduated from college with his music degree in 1999, he knew many more albums were on the way. His goal at the time was to record 100 albums. In mid-2003, Laechel won a "Jingle Contest" for Winterfresh Gum. He recorded a T.V. Commercial that featured his jingle, and recorded several radio spots for Winterfresh Gum.

Michael released 5 CD's worldwide with the help of CDBaby.com. Those five CD's were: "The Mystic Moods - Volume 1 (1996), The Colorful Conclusion (2001), Live Internet Shows (2003-2004): Disk 1, Live Internet Shows (2003-2004): Disk 2 and Faces (2005)." Michael has been selling these recordings digitally for two plus years through: "iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon, Yahoo, etc..."

In July 2022, Michael released a large portion of his recorded music library (1998-2019) on his website for fans to listen to from start to finish. There are a 175+ original songs for sale (over 12 hours of music) directly through the Broadjam.com download store.

As an unsigned recording artist Michael states, "I am open to a recording contract when God taps me on the shoulder. I am not here to make a ton of money and become any kind of an idol in the music industry. I just want to write and perform great music that everyone at any age can enjoy for years to come. If I can just get by and make a living doing what I have been called to do, I will die a happy man."

2011-2013 Michael has been contacted by a Record Company in LA, has been working with a National Booking Agency and is back out on the road playing live shows around Chicago with other area artists.

2020 After traveling out of the country several times vacationing in the last couple years, Michael now has that itch to perform again. Get ready for Facebook Live Webcasts.

Michael Laechel Hits the Top 10 Musical Alternative Artists/Bands in Chicago on ReverbNation.com. 8/18/23. https://shorturl.at/nvzFY

Michael currently resides in Prospect Heights, IL.

(Last updated: 8/18/23)


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