Mason/Snider's music was recently Featured in the the hit TV Series "Friday Night Lights"..the "Eyes Wide Open" episode.

Looks like they're back! Some say they did a short stint in leavenworth and some say they charted a three hour tour that ended up on an uncharted desert island. What ever the reason they're back & ready for action. Everything from their pop/rock style of songs to their progressive bluegrass style is now on the website. You can also catch two Mason/Snider songs on the just released "Sixth Season, Northern Exposure" DVD set.

Roger Mason Bio

ROGER LEE MASON is a multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist from Southern Illinois. After a 6 year stint as a professional "road musician," Roger settled into a life long love of acoustic music. He has been writing songs and has been featured on acoustic guitar and bass on over 40 full length studio recordings for other artists from all over the country...including Nashville. Roger has recently opened for Little Big Town and the Oak Ridge Boys.

Rogers primary instruments are "finger picked" acoustic guitar, mandolin and bass...but he is equally at home playing electric guitar, banjo, drums and BROOM.

Roger's association with Mike Snider came about when they were both in elementary school... and played in their first 'band' together. Mason and Snider recently rejoined forces and have been writing songs for film and TV with representation from Rescue Records of Pasadena, Ca. Their musical genre of choice is Alternative Country.

Mike Snider BIO

Stephen Michael Snider, “commonly known among friends as Mike” is a Southern Illinois native.
Currently he is delighted in stretching his own creative boundaries by co-writing and performing on an acoustic project with Roger Lee Mason.
Snider has been involved in music with Mason for 30 years. They have actually been writing music together for a couple of years.
Snider for the past 14 years has been touring with a local female country artist that has opened for top acts such as, Little Texas, John Barry, Ricochet, Dixie Chicks, etc. Snider is a co-writer and musician on her latest CD.
In his 30 years of music he has played with many successful local groups with influences ranging from Pink Floyd to The Eagles.
His instruments of choice are piano, organ, keyboards, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, fiddle and dobro.

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