I grew up in a lower-middle class family playing and singing with my father and performing. Warming up for Mexican artists like Johnny Rodriguez and Freddy Fender, I began to record original songs at park st studio in Tupelo, MS (home of Elvis and me). Most recently, I have been entertaining such prestigious audiences as the Locusts Fork Brotherhood along with elaborate parties on Will's Back Patio. Nashville, Birmingham, Memphis, North Carolina, California and Mexico are just some of the places you can catch my next appearances. Thanks: D. Nolan

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The Locust Fork celebrated it's 100th annual RIGHTS OF SPRING April 13-15.
It was the best ever. Denny Ray, Kelvis the Pelvis, Marky Mark, Fat Cloony, Moe the Mosexual, Slammin Scotty and others began their infamous show at 3:30PM on the 13th ending at 3:30AM on the 14th. The highlights of this renowned evening are too numerous to mention. It ended just as it began. with much laughter.
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