Hey Babe

Song Length 2:54 Genre Pop - Rock


Hey babe you wanna rock this weekend
And maybe next weekend too
Hey babe lets go off the deep end
Let?s get wild and crazy, just like we used too

Verse 1
Back when we were seventeen
Takin? daddy?s wheels
They thought we were at the Dairy Queen
Didn?t little sister squeal


Verse 2
Back seat at the drive-in show
Man that sure was fun
And what you?re daddy didn?t know
Never hurt anyone; especially me babe

All right now

Instrumental Break

Verse 3
Man I had the time of life
I guess it can?t be beat
The Drive-ins now a parking lot
And I?m hauling baby seats

Key Change

Chorus x3

Music Roger Mason (ascap) Stephen Snider (ascap) Publisher Poorfarm Publishing (ascap)
Performance horns arranged and played by James Horaz

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