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I'm a Scottish music teacher living in New Zealand with two children and husband/music critic. I write songs for pleasure and record them all myself. I'm not a performer (as you will hear if you listen) but I'm proud of all the songs I've written.
I've had a bit of success in songwriting competitions (UK and NZ) but I enter mostly to confirm that what I'm doing is ok.

NEWSFLASH!!! I have just won the New Zealand MLT Songwriting Awards with the song "Money".

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over 30 days ago to Louise Lumsden


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over 30 days ago

nice one

Chartreuse Culotte
over 30 days ago to Louise Lumsden

Dear Miss Louise, You is gettin to be a big star! But ifen you needs a laugh, drop by for our new tunes. I thinks you will like Two Dicks some. - Fever

Lee Mitchell
over 30 days ago to Louise Lumsden

Thank you for the wonderful review for my " I wanna sing " song? You can be as cheeky as you like! LOL! Thank you again. Kind regards Lee...(:-)

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