Song Description

We all need money.

Song Length 3:00 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Poverty Language English


There's no money left, it's all gone
The only consolation is we're not alone
Heard the neighbours argument how she's gone and overspent on his credit card
Begged the banks to no avail now their house is up for sale
Life is just too hard

Money, it's all spent
I can't think for the life of me where it went
Got an empty bank account nothing left to bail us out
We are up the creek
Survival is debatable what we needs a miracle for us to last the week

Without money we'll have to sell your boat
There'd be one less mouth to feed if you would only get your coat
The price of food's prohibitive yet it is imperative that we all shall eat
Alcohols necessity will only fuel our reverie must we admit defeat

Money it's what we need
It cannot buy you happiness I will concede
Although they say that love is free it's not enough to guarantee we won't be overdrawn.
Money buys you peace of mind and anything that you're inclined to set your heart upon.

Money, it's all gone
Money, it's all gone

Lyrics Louise Lumsden Music Louise Lumsden
Producer Louise Lumsden Performance Louise Lumsden
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StarburstRecords Serious as a heart attack 4/16/2015
StarburstRecords Outstandingly Well Writen 4/16/2015
Chartreuse Culotte Fever and Erics Favs 1/31/2012
Nick Fuse Like Minds 1/30/2012

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