GREG SIMMERLEIN.COM The new CD is available for download now!!!

"How come it took so long" ?
Cause its AWESOME!!!!

The new CD "Gray" was recorded at the 40 acre wood in Oakland, MI, and mixed at the Audio Cafe In Eastpiont, MI. Special thanks to TOM RICE for his help in mixing and mastering.

I spent many, many months writing and recording in a dark basement, with a cat, lots of beer and a ghost...
(there really was a ghost, I saw him several times)

I wrote and recorded this 14 song masterpiece
with the intent to do something with it, so I MUST do something with it. You could help.
If you like it just tell every single person you know, and they'll tell 2 friends, and they'll tell 2 friends
and so on and so on and so on.

I want to thank the amazing drummers that played on this CD, Paul Krywy , Drew Weber and Tom Rice.
(check out the bio page for more info on these guys)

Thanks so much and I hope you like it,
and please sign the guestbook


Greg or Gray

So my dad showed me music. He was a great musician, trumpet player, writer and arranger. I used to watch and listen to him for hours. My grandma gave me Elvis, being a child of the 70's gave me Kiss, a garage sale gave me the Beatles, and my best friend gave me the Turtles.....I was a hooked mess. My first performance was "My Ding O Ling" for my aunt when I was 6. My first guitar I "borrowed" and my first real job was playing polkas. I luckily grew up in a place where I was a big fish in a small pond and was able to record 2 records before I was 16. Moving on ...I did a lot of amazing things . I won a bunch of song writing contests, played with a few famous bands and built a couple of studios. I write songs like the ones I love listening too. The Beatles, The Turtles, ELO and Tom Petty (although I love heavy metal, I never really could write it.) So... I'm still a starving artist... but I think at age :),
I 'm finally proud of my music. The new CD "Gray" is what I hoped I would be able to do when I was a young buck. I hope you listen, I hope you like and I hope I can quit my day job....someday.

Thanks to the drummers on "Gray"

Paul Krywy, a great friend, a great person and maybe the best drummer I've had the pleasure of playing with.
Paul plays with The George Brothers and can be seen all over town.

Drew Weber, a great drummer that let me record this CD at his house, we had fun and asked the important question
" how's it gonna end "
Drew plays with Masquerade and can be seen all over town.

Tom Rice, Well... The most bestist bud anyone could ever ask for. Amazing drummer, amazing recording engineer, amazing songwriter,
and mostly, an amazing friend and person. I could of never finished this CD without Tom. Oh yeah, he helped mix and master the CD...thanks so much .
Tom owns and operates the "Audio Cafe " recording studio in East point, MI.

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Julia Schmidt
over 30 days ago to Greg Simmerlein

Hey! Thks for the great review of" I'll bring you coffee", greatly appreciated!.. Blessings... Julia:)

over 30 days ago to Greg Simmerlein

Thank you
Will take a listen to your songs
Best Earl

Julia Schmidt
over 30 days ago to Greg Simmerlein

Hi! Love your song" Everything" catchy, great hooks. Great instrumentations... Nice vocals/ background vocals too... Great lyrics.. Uplifting song.... Let's connect.. Many Blessings... Julia

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Greg Simmerlein
over 30 days ago

Julie, thanks so much for you kind words, I listened to your songs this morning and really enjoyed them, you are a very good singer/ songwriter...storyteller. thanks so much for connecting, Greg

Greg Simmerlein
over 30 days ago

sorry, Julia not julie

Julia Schmidt
over 30 days ago

Hello! Thks so much for the positive comments on my music!! You keep up the great work too!... Blessings... Julia:)

Julia Schmidt
over 30 days ago

Oh ! And you are very welcome also!!!

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