Please visit my new band, "Wheelhouse" at and on Facebook at to hear our first single, "Burn the Red Barn."

You know the drill: singer/songwriter, fortunate to write, play, record with great friends who get that music is about more than just music- it's about community, creativity, self-expression, the unquenchable thirst for The Groove. Musical roots came from great family traditions- gospel, country, Great American Songbook. I play with friends EVERY week who are talented, funny, humble, make me a better player and person.

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What a pleasure to introduce "Wheelhouse", a four piece band covering my songbook of Americana, roots, contemporary folk music. Our first single, "Burn the Red Barn" can be found here at BJ or at my site We shot a live performance video (still in post-production) however the soundtrack is on my page. No "after-recording tampering", this is how we sound and it's my good fortune to call these baboons my bandmates!

Album Release and nominations

"The Dingoes Ate Our Record" released and nominated in three categories of 2017 WYCE "Jammie" Awards- Best Contemporary Folk, Best Album by New Artist, Album of the Year!

Background Check

Contemporary blues and folk artist Cory Cole landed on the West Michigan music scene with his band "The Troubled Souls" in 1999. Their debut album "Tell Me Where It Hurts" (intended as a marketing demo) made it's way to WYCE, where to the band's surprise it was nominated in the "Blues Album of the Year" catagory in the first annual Jammie Awards.
Cory has three albums on the indie "White Feather" label based in Greenville, MI, with a fourth planned for release in summer 2013. A multiple award-winner in the Great Lakes Songwriting Contest (485 entries from U.S. and Canada), both Cory and Ralston Bowles represented Grand Rapids with Third Place (Cory) and Fifth Place (Ralston)awards in the most recent and final version of this contest.
Cory continues as a performer/instructor at the Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, MI where he has taught workshops since 2005.

Awards and Catalog:

"Tell Me Where it Hurts" (2000) w/Cory Cole and the Troubled Souls
(WYCE Jammie Award nominee "Blues Album of the Year")

"I Got the Time" (2004)
"Scenes From My Life" (2005)
"Venus in the Water" (2008)

Winner, Director's Award, Paramount Group Nashville, TN

Honorable Mention, Great Lakes Songwriting Contest 2006

Finalist, GLSC 2009

Third Place Winner, GLSC 2011

January 2013- "Yonder Glory" selected for representation by Rex Benson Music Group. Rex had a #1 hit with Kenny Rogers with "Buy Me a Rose."

December 2014- "Burn the Red Barn" is recognized as a runner up in 2014 "Song of the Year" contest, an international songwriting competition.


over 30 days ago to Cory Cole

love love love this song, it really speaks to me

Cory Cole
over 30 days ago to Cory Cole

Glad to finally release "The Dingoes Ate Our Record", a collection of original songs with themes of love, loss, longing, serial killers, angry young men, even a love affair with a meteorologist. Yep, that's a lot for one record. Found at 1

over 30 days ago to Cory Cole

Cory, I really really really like your new song . Congratulations for another great job.

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