My traumatic head injury was life changing yes, but it did not stop me! It helped me realize my path, which has still only just begun. Music was always a part of my life while growing up, always close to my heart & I loved to sing! Though I had not realistically thought of it as a career! Something changed inside me in 2003, I picked up my old guitar & became addicted!
Then on June 18th, my life would change forever! I fell almost ten feet & landing head first on concrete, was in a coma for 10 days & awoke with no memory of my life, past or family! Even so, one of the 1st things I asked for was my old acoustic guitar, with my love for music, it became an obsession & one of my best medicines for many years, eventually even becoming Signed to two different record labels!
Still with disabilities, I've built my career & Indie Record Label, hoping to help other artists as well with building their network, marketing, producing & then having my label distribute their works globally!

Sounds Like: Neil Young, Bob Dylan

Latest News

We recently proudly announced the GRAND OPENING of my new Website & DG Records, starting operations with the Re-release on my 1st retail album "ONE"! We share with you DEMO tracks & my album is now safely available to be purchased on my website with current talks for major distribution ongoing! While my team is also in talks with possible artists who will become a part of the DG Records family!
With my video channel & ability to purchase music & merch on-site! We welcome you anytime... ... DG

David Guitard AKA DG

I'm David Guitard AKA DG, a Professional Recording Artist from Eastern Canada! My 1st retail album 'ONE' was originally released by Asylum Productions 'OHIO' May 1st 2013 & re-released by AMG in 2014 until the labels closure mid 2015! I Was in transition before Signing to Evolution Inc. 'Chicago' who had organized Project Platinum Studios to remaster one of my songs, 'Come Back Again' from my 1st album!
On Nov. 2017, it was decided that I part ways with Evolution & that I would release any future work independently under 'DG Records'! I had also opened my Official Merchandise Store to begin having merchandise available for my fans, which it was opened from 02/12/18 till 01/21/19!

Like many artists, my introduction to music & singing was at a young age being on stage at 5 years old wearing a cowboy hat & boots! With a musical family who sing & play many instruments all having a big influence! Also many great artists like Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, Bob Dillon, CCR, Gordon Lightfoot, Metallica, Guns & Roses & also The Tragically Hip to name a few! My genre is folk/pop/rock & I finger-picked most of my music!

For the last 15 years my life included music & a great deal of healing, in 2003 I had fallen almost ten feet & landing head first on concrete while living in Western Canada! Was in a coma for 10 days & in the hospital for two months with a life changing Traumatic Head Injury! The first five years were the most difficult having start over again, things like walking, talking or even remembering my family! Most memories before I was 26 are sadly lost, I had gone to College for Electronics Engineering at RCC in Toronto, Ontario & then to University for Psychology at UNB in Fredericton, NB! I had a 3 page resume I knew by heart in detail & now after my injury those memories are still lost!

When I first came out of the coma I didn't remember anything including my own name but after a short time I asked for my guitar & my friend went to get for me in the hospital! I've dedicated my life to music throughout my recovery & my career continues to grow!

During that 1st year living by my families dairy farm in Belledune, NB, after countless hours playing, singing & teaching myself, I recorded my first indie album & then went door to door selling them! Then went to a professional studio to record a 2 song demo with a friend doing harmony! I was telling everyone from the start that I would become Signed to a label & have a big career playing the same songs over & over!

I then started to loose my grasp on reality & having seizures because I had developed Epilepsy from the damage to my brain & had to move in my first of 2 special care homes! After many tough years I was playing in the hospital during my many stays after seizures, in the care homes, on the street, for everyone who wanted to listen even when I didn't hardly have any skill! I also had worked on my vocals almost every week singing Karaoke for years to gain fans & the thousands of hours doing this is what kept me pushing myself to heal.

My first full length album was recorded at 'Hometown Studios' after helping the co-owner at his gigs in Northern NB! I had then released it myself!
In Feb. 2012, after years of healing, my neuro-psychologist told me that my brain had healed 100%! After this, I started to promote myself online became very important! Eventually was played on 100+ internet radio stations & was recognized & Signed by the owner of Asylum Feb 1st, 2013 because of my presence! My album was released that May 1st.. this is when my Professional Career Really began!

Since then I've been interviewed many times, have a vast following in my 70+ site social media network, 1,400 groups & much more! Just recently having proudly announced the GRAND OPENING of my new platform & also the start of operations of DG Records with the Re-Release of my 1st album 'ONE'! Now I hope to help others as well! I believe that I have been Blessed! Thank you & God Bless you as well..


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David, so sorry to hear about your terrible accident, but it's wonderful that you are triumphing over that setback and pursuing the career you love. I wish you all the very best, and hope you achieve the success you seek! Thanks for your interest! Jim Beggs

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Thanks for your kind words Jim! It was a struggle for quite some time and am very blessed to have healed how I have!
Now it's to put everything I've learned and achieved over the last 6 years into trying to help other artists as well! Send my blessings to you and yours as well and please do send a message anytime! ... ... DG / DG Records

David, I understand you would like to become a friend? I'm happy to give it a go and see how it works. Damson.

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Wonderful,, I look forward to listening to more of your songs when I have more time! Blessings... ... DG / DG Records

Hi David - really good stuff except that your songs have been cut short. Maybe upload again?? Message me if you'd like to talk business. Cheers Robyn

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Hello Robyn,, thanks so much for your kind words! Please do re-read my latest news! No, my songs are exactly as they are supposed to be as they are 'DEMO' tracks to my album that is available 'retail'! As I was working on it last night at 3:30 AM, Broadjam is a site that was never fully utilized in my extensive social media network! I've been a Signed artist since 2013, my complete tracks are not available to be streamed anywhere! Although on my website, I do have my two videos in my 'video channel' available to watch on-site! :-) What business would you like to talk about my friend,, do contact anytime by email or even connect on facebook 'IamDavidGuitard' Blessings my friend and I look forward to hearing from you... ... DG / DG Records

Brian Hagen
over 30 days ago

Good story! One of my uncles was a guitar teacher for many years. After he had a massive stroke, his wife handed him his guitar and he hardly knew the fingerings any more. Difficult moment to handle, right? But with her encouragement, he re-learned the instrument and it was great therapy!

Nathaniel Hughes
over 30 days ago

Hi David nice to meet you

Thank you Brian, my story is one which will one day be brought further, hopefully to inspire others! It would take just as much concentration as it does on my career now so this will be a future project! Yours is a wonderful story in itself as well Brian,, I continue hearing how music has been both therapy and a part of the healing process for many! God bless your uncle and you my friend! .. Also to all three of you,, it's wonderful meeting you all! Blessings... ... DG / DG Records

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