Nick Berry might be from Northern California, but his heart is buried deep in Country Music and followed his dream in 2021 to Nashville, Tennessee. Nick has been sharing his music since graduating High School, and continues to write songs that are guaranteed to make you laugh, smile or cry. With powerful ballads and Contemporary Country songs like, "That's What Country Is," Nick shows his diversity, delivering solid vocals and lyrics that capture your attention from the first word. As a finalist in the "Show Me The Music," and "Great American Songwriting" Contests, and most recently the Songwriter Universe Contest, Nick Berry's music is striking a chord with Country music fans and critics. As Nick puts it, his aim is to "change the way you listen to Country," and we'd say he is well on his way. Nick has been an active member of the West Coast Songwriters Association, performing his songs at Open Mic events throughout Northern California, and is registered with the Performing Rights Org

Latest News

November, 2017 - Finalist in the SongwriterUniverse's Best Song Of The Month Contest.

March, 2015 - Finalist in the 2014 Great American Song Contest.

November, 2014 - Top 20 Finalist in the 6-Pack Challenge Steinberg Finals.
August, 2014 - "Crazy Like That" selected by Perpetual Music Group.
July, 2014 - Named one of the Top Five Songs in the SongWriter Universe "Best Song Of The Month" Contest.
2013 - Finalist in the Show Me The Music Song Contest.
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John Walradt
4 weeks ago to Nick Berry

Hi, Nick. You made a really nice review of "Comes and Goes" a few weeks ago. I wanted to listen to some of your songs after taking care of a few medical appointments. You really have a wonderful way of writing...something of a philosophical storyteller yet intimate enough that gets into my real feelings, like "Yes, that's what I'm really thinking inside." Definitely engaging and got my attention! "Everybody's Got a Story" is a great social comment that, again, becomes personal with the realization that I could wind up on the street, too. That's the stuff that, like you say, makes what Country is. It's also the very down to earth and humanitarian qualities you have that put richness in your songs and fleshes them out. The piano on "She Won't Need Me" has a beautiful blend of Bruce Hornsby's piano and Country. It really works! About "Comes and Goes"...I'm really a pop songwriter and it was suggested to me to make it a Country song, so I asked Bob Bentley to produce it...and produce it he did! He's a genius, a wonderful person, and a great songwriter. He gave it that Old Country style that just astonished me. I cannot play with finesse like either you or Bob. I have autism which makes me lack coordination so I just use a guitar to compose songs but I rely on Band in a Box (Art Corey turned me on to that and it changed everything) and other musicians to make my tracks. Like when you tried piano for the first time on "Been Down this Road," I tried a Carpenters style of arrangement and piano on "Stay Here Now." What a rush! Anyway, thank you for a very nice review and I'm glad I took time to listen to what you do, which to me is just as important. John

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
over 30 days ago to Nick Berry

Thanks for kind words and score on "no one loves me like u do". It is appreciated

over 30 days ago to Nick Berry

Hi Nick , thanks for the lovely review of Wherever You're Hiding . Glad you liked it !

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