Picasso Perfecto is "able to paint a picture in a person's mind" and he does it with the passion of a lyrical painter!

Picasso uses his troubled past experiences in some of his lyrics to get messages across to youth of today in an effort to prevent them from a life of crime and violence.

He enjoys writing, arranging, and collaborating with other artists. Today, he continues his thrive to make his mark on Hip Hop!

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"Picasso's mission statement includes giving a message to the inner city youth that there is hope, and violence is not the answer."
--Trod Nossels Studio, Wallingford, CT, February 14, 2007

Biography of Picasso Perfecto


Born in New Haven, Connecticut, PICASSO" was raised by a very spiritual and God-fearing Mom and a success-driven Dad. In spite of a positive upbringing, growing up in the streets of New Haven was a difficult and constant battle for PICASSO. In spite of the efforts and energy put forth by his parents, by age 12, he had already begun having problems in school and with the law.

At 16, he faced his first adult charge for unlawful discharge of a firearm and then possession of narcotics with the intent to sell, resulting in a sentence of 2 years in the Manson Youth Institution. PICASSOÂ?s future was looking dimmer and dimmer as Hip Hop was growing bigger and better.

While incarcerated, PICASSO saw that his peers were separated by gangs and violence. He recognized that the one thing they all had in common, was Hip Hop. In the rec yard at Manson. where some of the most talented rappers from CT showed off their skills, is where it all began.

PICASSO wanted to be a contender, so he began to write verses and brought them to the rec yard. Most of the inmates said that "he was whack" or "needed to step it up", but that didn't stop him, it only made him more determined.

Being incarcerated had connected him with other inmates outside of the New Haven area. He was released in 1997 and branched out to other areas, where he hustled with ex-inmates, among other things.

In 1999, the game came to a sudden halt for PICASSO. He was arrested, and later sentenced to 5 years under the 85% law.

Again, Hip Hop was advancing and he was out of the equation. 2-1/2 years had passed by, and PICASSO's writing skills were improving . . . reaching new heights. Corrections officers, inmates, and counselors were listening and requesting his songs, which they called hits.

Whether PICASSO was battling another MC in the yard, in the cell, or rehearsing his lines, he became known as a story teller.

It was said that PICASSO is Â?able to paint a picture in a person's mind.Â? With that same reputation, he became " ' PICASSO ' the starving artist".

After his parole in 2003, PICASSO began to pursue his career in Hip Hop by performing at The Bar with No Name (Hartford, CT) in freestyle battles, to performing at the Mohegan Sun Casino (Uncasville, CT). He then formed an alliance with his father, venturing out to Hip Hop seminars, laying tracks in the studio, and doing gigs at The Webster Theater (East Hartford, CT).

He continues to proclaim to Â?make his mark in Hip Hop!

PICASSO has come to the realization that in order to make it in the industry, he has to stay out of trouble and maintain employment, which he has done since his release. He is currently employed as a detailer at a local car dealership. PICASSO completed his general high school studies, and received his GED while he was incarcerated. He has since, completed a certificate course in first phase studio recording, and begins his first semester at a local community college in the spring of 2007.

PICASSO is using his past experience to help prevent youth from making some of the same mistakes and choices that he made. He gets his message across to the youth of today by way of his music.

PICASSO eats, sleeps, and breaths Hip Hop . . . with the passion of a lyrical painter!

. . . Today, he "makes his mark on Hip Hop"!


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