U n Me

Song Description

Rap love ballad

Song Length 4:25 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Charming Subject Relationship


U n Me
Written and arranged by: Picasso

I?m tryin to slide up inside you and you tryin to get up with a rider let?s go where no one can find us just just you and me ok I?ll touch and tease you the sex is un unbelievable I want you girl and I need you just just you and me.

Verse 1:
Ma I want you to marry me have my seed baby we can take a trip to the carribeans mommy you should take a seat let your passion breathe. do you know another brother that can pass as me I make money on the averagely on your fourth finger where the karats be. If you gotta man can you ask him to leave I think we go together like cask & crème. Most of ya girlfriends glance at the gleam I?m hearin wedding bells seeing black limousines. I got something to tell you surpassing your dreams I think I?m fallin in love with the back of your jeans. Chanel #5 I can smell you girl if you down for the ride I?m a tell the world I ain?t got a V that she ain?t twirl can?t let her leave cause she?s my pearl.


Verse 2:
French kissin up in Edgewood park I?ll be there to hold ya hand when it?s after dark I?m the man that understands when you pour out your heart. You can talk to me Ma because I know who you are we can look at the stars from the balcony we can focus on you and forget about me. Just tell me the plan cause you know who I am it?s me and you against the world we can go to Japan. I want you to ride with me girl you ain?t gotta lie to me it ain?t hard to see friendship and monogamy let me give you a kiss ebony and ivory I want honesty honestly you need on ya hand you need a king for a man and I ain?t just telling you who I am I?m a king of a man bling bling and we can talk on the phone I can quote you a poem hope you think of me when you walkin alone. Hope you thinking of me girl hope I?m all in ya dome because I feel like a feind girl I think I got a love jones while these other dudes is frontin it?s only you I?m lovin whatever my boo is wantin money, cars, jewels it?s nothing.


I see you workin hard at your enterprise I be feelin my feelings rise lookin in your eyes. I pretend I?m offended why like she?s into guys livin something different where I have never been in life at first sight mommy been my wife home girls hate put her friends on ice don?t tell lies will get wifed you get what you take if you don?t give trife forget what they say when you building a life feel what he say cause he will do you right because there will be a day that he will give you ice on a building in Asia don?t think twice.


Lyrics Picasso Perfecto Music Boo & Cee

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