Changed My Life

Song Description

Aquiring a positive spin on life

Song Length 4:52 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Glad Subject Pride


Changed My Life

I?m back a second time around. First time I got forfeited so I said I?m goin to go throw a party in the hood.

This time ya?ll won?t see me comin I done changed my life ya?ll won?t see me runnin. I?m a diamond in the dirt my karats is all custom I done changed nothin into somethin. Yeah, that?s right I was just like you sold drugs getting money in a Lex light blue. I?m a diamond in the dirt my karats is all custom I done changed my life turned nothin into somethin.

Verse 1:
I put pieces to the puzzle at 13 the streets I?m in trouble. My mom said that the street doesn?t love you but my mind set was deep in my hustle. I?m from the city where the skinny brothers kill you and them old skool brothers don?t feel you but them old skool brothers would get killed too. I ain?t have to switch my hustle and I ain?t had a chick to tell I love you. In 1993 I made more cream I sold weed, coke, crack and morphine plus I rock cross jeans cross color and karl kani is on me. I?m in the army this ain?t a story about my guts and glory or how downtown New Haven made jewels custom for me. At Los Vegas with bank rolls on Whalley Ave I?m a juvenile with a case load my daddy?s mad .


Verse 2:
From smoking dust back in 96 to police with hand cuffs how grimey is this M.Y.I was my first location way before Picasso was placed in ya?ll rotation. I had 2 years and did 14 months went home and came back wish I was 14 yup. Now don?t be fooled cause this young boy was bringin dope to school. Now this young boy is about as old as you from doin 5 years flat I present ya?ll my 5 year raps. My mind is clear that?s how I came back plus my time is near because my life is on track. In a alley wiping finger prints off my gun sometimes I gotta reflect on where I once came from. Sometimes you gotta accept that where I came from is done but I won?t forget that I came from the slums.

Talking by Sunny Red (artist deceased)

Verse 3:
Picasso and that?s the name remember don?t forget it on my last Friday night show I forfeited when the radio said that I left out the building I was in the projects givin back for a livin. Now some of these rappers want me locked in the bing but life it moves on still I do my thing and you gotta stand strong when they crown you a king. Yeah I got the honey comb I?m surrounded by B?s now wit NBG?s up next to bat you?ll be on NBC don?t stress the raps plus in CT they say I?m the next cat you bench warm I?m all in the game like big Shaq. I?m in the 86 zero ya?ll don?t want war call ya radio station and request my song from standin on them corners and hustlin 8 balls it?s Picasso I?m fresh out them Corrigan doors.


Lyrics Picasso Perfecto Music Sonny Red

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