Song Description

Message to stop the violence that's happening today

Song Length 4:10 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Encouragement Language English



Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey We need to stop. (3X)

Verse 1:
From the crypt set to the dip set got the blood gang makin big checks. Think money ain?t a thing when there?s no kids left teen slain with a open chest. On the concrete we in the jungle man dying over a couple dollars in a rubber band. Shot dead before he make his first grand. Biggie can?t give him one more chance. All these mint leaves and this dust juiced in embalming fluid got my mind influenced. I?m a do what it do like the riders do. Yeah he said you a killer, but he lied to you. Please. I rolled blunts got high like you, smoked dust did ride by?s too. I?m the prime example did five years flat for the gat bandanas on the handles. [I know some killers besides these rappers like Russell Peeler, he in the system for really killing but wish he didn?t. (Repeat)]

Stop the violence stop the drugs. Kids kill kids crypts and bloods. Stop the liars that?s givin ?em guns, too many shots fly by when you live in the slums. Stop the murderer?s makin music, the musical murderer made me do it. I?m so confused what made me lose it. My music got murder so my brain is screwed. (Repeat)
We need to stop. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey. (4X)

Verse 2:
If you bought it I sold it if I sold it I used it. Can?t get a helping hand in this world that?s confusing, is it really cause of music got these young brotha?s foolish. Can?t walk the streets without a gun blast, don?t cross the street you betta run fast. In my city these streets are goin bad, cause they makin bullets fly like laser tag. Brain slowed up, haze in a bag, can?t grow up cause he chasin a fad. Do these rappers really live what they rap, they just rappin they ain?t givin you the facts. No court case, no gun shots. Only thing that?s real is the ice in his watch. Tell me, how many albums you cop. A million you?s now that?s gwap, [millions abused, kids is confused. Should I be a blood or should I be a blue. The best thing to do is be you, might get killed if you follow the crew. (Repeat)]


Verse 3:
As a youth had cane to move had feinds jumpin around like kangaroos. I ain?t blamin you or tryin to change up what you do, I?m just tryin to put you up on some things I been through. Late nights, cold days standin on the corner O?s of the base. Rival crews 44?s to my face, if it wasn?t for God I?d be up in a closed case. Stop. Killin ya friends, killin for money, killin for chicks. New drug laws can?t get rich too many chances too many risks. The money went up on the price of a brick. You might get hooked hit the pipe or sniff. You might go to jail or you might robbed, or ya boy might tell you mine as well get a job. [I know some real ballers that?s not rappers they really on it they got they money up but then the feds came and they took it all. (Repeat)]


Lyrics Picasso Perfecto Music The Thrill
Performance Picasso Perfecto
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