Point Blank Range

Song Description

Message on crime and violence

Song Length 3:41 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed Subject Crime, Theft


Point Blank Range

This one right here is for my man Sunny Red for my man Young Harlem, my cousin Freddy and Randy Richardson rest in peace.

Verse 1:
I came with a purpose million dollar glow like I came out of service got a million dollar flow. Once I changed up my worship listen I ain?t just saved what I gave has been paid for and purchased man. May the Lord save my dogs from the forces, I was married to the streets I divorced her. Now I see my younguns on the same corners rival crews come through draw guns and bang on ?em. Oh you a blood cause you listen to rap, you ain?t a blood you just young dumb and missing the facts. I was once all the above alcoholic on drugs old G?s pass me the poison call it showin me love. They want to know if I?m anointed for this mission. Been anointed and appointed since rappin with Randy Richardson. Here?s a camera take a picture. Had to put the guns down and put my hands up on the scriptures.

Point, how I aim when I clutch the joint. Blank, I can?t think I?m at a loss of thought. Range, these young boys carry guns like toys they got us point blank range we ain?t livin no more. (Repeat)

Verse 2:
I went from capital P, Picasso perfecto switched over to Testimony, came out of those wet clothes. It was the coke believe it that I test drove. I was hopin that I ain?t need it but I was in the stress mode. I was so depressed and low my chest would grow, my heart would race I looked like a smack in God?s face. Some say charge the game, but I charged for a change. I charged to stop the youth from chasin cars and a chain. You hard but I?m the truth I?m comin in God?s name. Hip hop this is a true armed robbery bang. Yeah Picasso used to do some ungodly things, like robberies talk about in the rhymes that he sang. How many times he got brain, how many dimes that he slaied, how many drugs that he sold, how many times he got paid. If you know like I know I should be up in my grave, but now I carry my cross like a slave.


Verse 3:
Sunny Red, from the first day I met you I could see up in your eyes you would be something special. Now you up in the sky God bless you. I?ll be up livin life, I hope heaven got a ghetto. At my first show you was sellin CD?s. I let the world know he was NBG. A natural born gangster killed him in the streets. Linked up with heavyweights, we would kill the industry. But some plans fail and go under the water, now Harlem up in jail for first degree man slaughter. I broke bread with you, and watched ya phones ring. I thought about my own past while chasin my own dreams.

Sunny Red through me ya dream lives on. Young Harlem through me ya dream lives on. Cousin Fred through me ya dream lives on. Randy Richardson through me ya dream lives on. (Repeat)


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