Love is the Solution

Song Description

A plea to stop the violence and wars of the world

Song Length 4:23 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Heartbreaking Subject General


Love is the Solution
Written and arranged by: Picasso

Ladies and gentlemen I?m gonna tell you a true story there?s been a lot of talk goin around by different politicians sayin that they can solve the problems of the world but you know and I know that there?s only one solution to the world and all the problems in it and that?s love. Love is the solution to the problems of the world

Written by: Picasso
Vocals: Mona Beasley and cousin Jay
Bring love back to me
So my eyes can see
It?s just you and me
Make this world complete

Verse 1:
You won?t admit to the things that you did you got demons in ya closet but you?ll live you?s a nice suit rocker and you handling ya biz they say love is the problem when you handling ya kids. Here?s a camera take a flick I still think that love is the problem if it?s heroin you sniff. I rose from the bottom and landed in the middle there?s a war goin on nobody handling the issue America is dyin Isreal is dyin Lebanon is dyin. Families is cryin I love music so I gotta keep tryin gotta reach for the stars from the streets to a job I know all men sin I believe in God. And all men pray some salat to Allah and some pray to budda these black on black crimes now they label us losers. You sellin crack Huh instead of playin with computers you think you famous cause they say you a shooter you ain?t famous you?s a grain in the Bermuda you?ll never be a ruler until you open up your eyes and take your brain up out the cooler.

Written by: Picasso
P: I see the world for what it is

LT: build ya credit up

P: Get a girl and have a kid

LT: Connecticut

P: that?s how we live money, prada and pearls but if diamonds are forever love?s the problem of the world.

Hook 2:
Vocals: Mona Beasley and cousin Jay

Verse 2:
Written by: Lady trigga
These politicians preach hipocracy while catholic preists turning church into a mockery. Holy land holy wars disputed holy ground what a shame and all of this is goin on in God?s name. It?s like war versus peace a war over seas and a war in the streets a war on disease we underseige by that HIV a younger breed fallin fatal to these STD?s. I beg and plead but my voice isn?t loud on its own it isn?t hard to see these problems start in the home. If you don?t love ya seed best believe someone else will. A needle a bottle a brothel or a bag of pills. There?s no cure to the chaos society?s ill and I?m askin who?s payin the price who foots the bill. It?s our youngest generation the future is a stake show the children love why should they pay for our mistakes.

(Hook 1&2)

Lyrics Picasso Perfecto, Lady Trigga, Mona Beasley, & Cousin J Music The Thirll

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