***UPDATE*** June 24th, 2009: Sup Fam. As you can see, the name's been changed to H3RO now. gotta love the 3, right??? Also, since February I've managed to release an 18-track album known as "Secret Identity Krisis". That produced some of the hits you see now like "Whilen" and "The Greatest". "Friction", on the other hand, is a scratch version from my upcoming full length, titled "H3ROIN". Its on another level. Keep on the lookout for it, and together we can save Hip Hop. :) -----------------------JustinAKAH3RO


H3ro, Born Justin Wes Daniels, is an up-and-coming Emcee/Hip Hop artist currently unsigned working from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Born in West Columbia, South Carolina, he began his musical career at age 16, under the alias "JD". After an Argument with a friend over whether he could use his name or not, Kidchaos, a South Carolina Artist, officially dubbed Daniels "Junior Blaze".

Read more at myspace.com/yourh3ro

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