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There's always that one person that when you look back, you realize they were always there for you...

Song Length 3:31 Genre Rap - Alternative, Rap - East Coast
Mood Moving, Heartbreaking Subject Lost Love, Regret
Language English Era 2000 and later


Its been a very hot minute
Ever since you told me
I was fucking lost in it

I lost Vision
Frontin a false image
Thinking Vintage was the
Way to Go
All you could say was no

The way to go
Ain't Liable to
The Painted Road
You gotta look Inside you
For that sacred flow

If only I had time
To watch my patience grow
I'd have you by my side
Wish I could change it yo

She was
The one I'd ride with
The one I cried with
The one I crossed my heart
And hoped to die with

If I was blinded brah
She was I eyes and
If I was somewhere hiding brah
She was beside me

We were combined
A force
Never denied it
But even time distorts
Given Assignments

When I' m reminded though
She was my Sidekick
The one Behind Hiro
She Was my sidekick

She was my Herion
Ain't talking bout the Opium
But if she was an I was close
I probably would have overdosed

But on a sober note
She wrote me murder quotes
That I would use and I would Gloat
I learned them from this girl I know

But now this girl I know
Is sounding like this girl I knew
Blew it like a perfect song
That's mocked cuz now its Chopped and Screwed

I'm just as shocked as you
I tried to stick it through
But now I'm split in two
And she was like my stick of Glue

I guess I need her like
Mario need Luigi
Call me Harry Potter
Her father was Ronald Weasley

I'm Dr. Dre and She's Easy
My song rocks but stop
I need Weezy


Cuz who is sonic without tails
Just a common little rocket
Whose hopping but bound to fail

So my superhero profit
Would probably amount to bail
Since a Superhero's nothing
Without, his super gale. Ugh.

No I ain't calling you
For comical Relief
I'm just calling you
So I can be Complete
You got me off my feet
When I felt like my gift was useless
And you told me to speak
When my shit was ruthless

Then you

Got a Tattoo which
I thought was cool
And I was cleaning up the room
When you left the school

And I ain't had a Fuckin clue
to what that would do
Didn't need to be a hero
Long as I had you

But time passes
And wounds heal
Remember Promises in 08?
I'm bringing you the moon still

Plus the stars and the Planets
From the Blue Field
I'll bring the Sky
And the Stratus clouds
to you, 4real

And I ain't asking
For a thing in return
Just the thought of you accepting it
Is Benefits earned

But I don't wanna pull an Usher on you
And let it Burn
So we gotta throw some water on it
Then Live and Learn

Lyrics Justin Wes Daniels Music Sinima Beats
Producer Sinima Beats Performance Justin Wes Daniels

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