Aliens Invading

Story Behind The Song

Wrote it Just after I got curious about the Area 51 events...started doing some crazy research, found this beat, and things just went from there...

Song Description

The short description was basically it. lol.

Song Length 3:07 Genre Rap - Alternative, Rap - East Coast
Subject Aliens, UFOs Language English
Era 2000 and later


Aliens invading
Perpetrating the vicinity
Ganging up on Sugar Hill
We call them Public Enemy

Bombing like Islamic for Infinity
Sub Atomic Earth Wind and Fire
Kinda like a trinity

Give them an inch they take it
Sky High
You know sucks when you're abducted
Outta Luck because you might die

Search for Support within the
Night Sky
But the stars they only shine cuz God stuffed them up with
White Lies

This isn't Roswell
That was New Mexico
Though this Concerns
Katrinians to the Eskimos

Some of the best will go
Evacuate the area
But Imma be the one to say that
I ain't fucking scared of ya

I'm Wearier
Sicker than malaria
But still I must repel em
With my nickel-plated barrier

You think you terror
But you nothing but a terrorist
And I'm the Caretaker
So you know I'm taking Care of it

Aliens invading
Aliens invade-A A A
Aliens invading
Aliens invade-A A A
Aliens invading
Perpetrating the vicinity
Ganging up on sugar hill
We [Deep voice screwed] Call them Public Enemy.

Repeat 2X

Aliens invading
Overrated as of currently
Cuz half the fucking country's
In the state of an Emergency

Ugly little creatures
Such Absurdity
I'm Calling Michael Jackson cuz
I think they need some Surgery

It worries me
But no it doesn't bother me
That they using Sci-Fi
Crops, Optimum Technology

Only problem seems
They never planned to honor me
Super Powered Atom Bomb
They trying to demolish me

They say "You making Jokes"
I say its Comedy
They Say "You Broke" I say homie
Look at this Economy

You See we got enough
Problems as it is
Now on top of that you niggas coming
Capturing our Kids

I'm like

F what you heard you know I'm
Handling my Bizz
And with that them niggas Ghost like
Nappa and his men


There ain't an Alien
Thats Bad enough to Win
So invaders will desist long as
This Planet has to spin

Lyrics Justin Wes Daniels Music Rapitfly Beats
Producer Rapitfly Beats Performance Justin Wes Daniels

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