Game Over

Song Description

Rap>Video Games for me now :D

Song Length 3:39 Genre Rap - Alternative, Rap - East Coast
Tempo Other Mood On Cloud Nine, In High Spirits
Subject Other, Other Language English
Era 2000 and later


Live Once
Try Saying that to these guys
Playing Super Mario
They Started out with Three Lives

And Deep Vibes
For that Fire Flower
Facing Bowser
Making it their Final hour

The Princess Cowers as the
Gather round and infect
The peach
Inject the seed

The Index is missing
Japanese Dropped that nigga off
At mount Fiji

Not its not Fuji
Sweater expensive but
Not Cooji
Never been considered a fake
I'm not Booji

Couldn't sworn he was a ruse
Tryna Woo me
But now hes doing movies
Tell me what do you see?

Just Another wack rapper in the booth
Or the only one here that still
Rap about the truth

Need Proof
But he's Dead
And the Ancient Slogan
Flashes up
"The Game Is Over"

With a Name that Remains
The Closer
I'm the one who brought the pain
And I slayed the Ogre

It's a
Tough Lane
I remain the Holder
Of the Joystick that I used to
Break the Boulders

See I ain't hova
And I ain't superstar yet
So I ain't Nova
But I can't Grow

Until these lames
Know my muthafuckin Name
I choke em
Times up
Guess the Muthafuckin Game
Is Over

Lets Play Hangman
Grab yourself a Noose
Put that rope around your neck
And start shooting for the moon

Shooting at you Koons
That's My Super Fuckin Move
If you fuck around like superman
You get the Fucking Tool

That's Kryptonite
And Homies yall don't got the Gift
To fight
I Got Mine Back on Christmas, Right?

When I
Kicked the Ground
And I Kissed the Sky
It was an
Instant Flight
My Statistics tight

I lifted off the Sofa
Flew Off the Globe
Into a Hostile Hole
That was so Dark and Cold

Such an

Awkward Moment
Woke from a Coma
And They Said that ya nigga had
Walking Pneumonia

After that I set down
My controller
Picked up a pen then
Said I finally found my Opus

Look at me now,
See I shine like I'm solar
I told ya
But no one seems to know
The Game Is Over

Lyrics Justin Daniels Music Music Produced by: Saki XL of the Instrumentally Sick (evolution)
Producer Music Produced by: Saki XL of the Instrumentally Sick (evolution) Publisher Justin Daniels
Performance Justin Daniels

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