Jim Hewitt is a songwriter, guitarist, synth geek, producer, former major label recording artist, animal whisperer, & lover of sound.

Born in a Midwestern steel town 30 minutes from downtown Chicago, Jim looked up to his older brother who played guitar in a band. Imprinted on his young mind was the advice that writing your own songs was the only path forward. And so began the life-long obsession with making music.

Fast forward to an engineering degree in college and most importantly, meeting people with the same drive & passion to pursue a career in music. What followed was a record deal, opening slots in arenas, a major label album that sold about five copies & an MTV video that was played once at about 3:30 am on a Monday night.

Now Jim Hewitt finds himself writing music full time, on the path to his greatest success yet as a songwriter and producer. He's still a guitarist, synthesizer geek, an animal whisperer, & most importantly, still a lover of sound.

Sounds Like: Mark Ronson, Geoff Zanelli

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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