It is my solemn duty to report that the deVillebillies are disbanding after our last job on 12/31/10, New Years Eve. We've had a great time with the band, the shows, and especially the fans who came out to party with us at our local watering holes. The parting is bittersweet but amicable - we're all still very good friends and will likely collaborate on each others' projects, and possibly a few reunion shows in the coming months and years. To all who bought a CD or download, came out to the shows, emailed or messaged, or just said hello on the street, our sincere thanks. Without the support of so many good folks, the success we experienced in getting to the big stage with major national acts would not have been possible. Our songs will remain here on Broadjam, should you require a twang fix. Adios!

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BIG NEWS! dVb is opening for Trailer Choir, Justin Moore, Neil McCoy and Martina McBride at the Moondance Jammin' Country Fest on Thursday, 6/17/10 in Walker, Minnesota. This is a huge 4 day fest, with Miranda Lambert, Kellie Pickler, Zac Brown and more. We are honored to be on the bill with all these great acts!

Who are these guys?

NAME: Skeeter Barns
DOB: 6/25

BAND DUTIES: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin, Songwriter, Booking Agent, Lighting Technician, Scapegoat, Keeper Of The Bad Attitude, Steering The Rudderless Ship, Sexual Innuendo, Glass And Aluminum Recycler, Snow Shoveler

STAGE EQUIP: Sure SM58 Mic, Epiphone Chet Atkins Through A Fender Acoustisonic Amp, Epiphone Airscreamer Through A Line 6 Spider II Amp, Flamed Chuck Taylor Hightops, Flamed Cowboy Hat, Bowling Shirt, 2 Bottles Of Miller Lite, Halls Cough Drops


WHAT DO YOU DRIVE? '74 Impala 4 Door With A Cadillac 500 Engine And 3 Snow Tires

FUN FACT: Former Stock Car Driver

QUOTE : "It's Only For Vocal Lubrication", "Either Way, It's A Toin Coss."


NAME: Slim Hickman AKA: Dr. Twangmore (No Medical Degree, But Holds A B.S. In Barstool Philosophy)

DOB: 12/28

BAND DUTIES: Lead & Steel Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter, Roadie, Story Teller, Music Historian, Bad Influence, Dispenser Of Down-Home-isms

STAGE EQUIP: Sure SM58 Mic, '52 Reissue Fender Telecaster Through A Mesa Boogie Amp, Custom Built One-Of-A-Kind Pedal Guit-Steel, Miller Beer, Camels, Work Boots, Duct Tape, Ball Cap

FAVORITE COLORS: John Deere Green, Light Gray, Med Gray, Dark Gray

WHAT DO YOU DRIVE? A Fully Restored John Deere "A" Roll-O-Matic

FUN FACT: Inventor Of The Pedal-less Pedal Guit-Steel Guitar

QUOTE: "It Is What It Is", "It Won't Burn Your Mouth, Will It?"

NAME: Elmo Deville AKA: Elmo Zyke

DOB: A Long Time Ago

BAND DUTIES: Keyboards, Vocals, Faux Horns, Songwriter, Musical Director, Top 40 Consultant, Roadie, Sit Down Comedian, Schmoozer, Cheer Leader

STAGE EQUIP: Sure SM58 Mic, Roland RD-300SX Keyboard, Roland KC-550 Amp, A Comfy Place To Sit For 4 Hours, Endless Supply Of MGD, Wisconsin Badgers Apparel

FAVORITE COLORS: Cardinal & White

WHAT DO YOU DRIVE? 1978 Trans Am. L-50'S On Rusty Cragars. Red With One Blue Door. No Muffler

FUN FACT: 4/5 Of All Clothing Articles Owned By Elmo Has Either Wisconsin Or Badgers On It Somewhere

QUOTE: "Lewis Ya Roosterrrrrrrr...."
NAME: Duke Deville AKA: Jimmy d'Shoe

DOB: Not As Long Ago As Terry

BAND DUTIES: Drums, Sound Technician, Computer Technician, Roadie, Assistant Art Director, Human Smoke Machine, Voice Of Reason

STAGE EQUIP: Vintage Ludwig Kit, Cad Mics, Drum Case To Use As A Table To Hold An Ashtray & Bottles Of Budweiser

FAVORITE COLORS: Johnny Walker Black

WHAT DO YOU DRIVE? '57 (Tick Tick) GMC Pickup Truck

FUN FACT: Duke's Drums Are Older Than Most Drummers

QUOTE: "I'm Really Not A Beer Drinker", "Wednesday Night Drinking Practice"

NAME: Lewis Deville AKA: The Ref, Hubba Bubba, Grandpa

DOB: 9/29

BAND DUTIES: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Roadie, Sound Technician, Security, Smart Ass Comments, Teller Of Old Jokes, Ice Delivery, Driver Of The Big Truck, Referee

STAGE EQUIP: Sure SM58 Mic, Yamaha 5 String Bass Through A Fender Dual 400 Amp, Englehardt Upright Bass, 2 Place Beer Holder Hanging From Mic Stand, 2 Buds

FAVORITE COLORS: Brown Bottle With A Red Label

WHAT DO YOU DRIVE? 1981 Dodge Crewcab 4X4 With 33" Mud Tires

FUN FACT: Tough Enough To Shoulder-Sling An Upright Bass

QUOTE: "Only If'n We Gits To Play Some Meusick An They Gots Butwiper"


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over 30 days ago to the deVillebillies

hey gang/glad to see you guys still cookin-i always get a kick out of your stuff-keep at it/i know most of those names you guys mention on your news column-i bet that was fun-how you doing with jango?i got about 6400 plays on there/peace-joe.

2 Replies
the deVillebillies
over 30 days ago

Hey Joe, nice to hear from you - Jango has been good for us. Over 40,000 plays now, and over 5,000 of those were user generated (organic) plays, so that's cool. We're working on some new stuff - keep pluggin away I guess. Take care!
Elmo deVille

over 30 days ago

hey- that is great-i got like 6400 plays awhile back-kinda neat getting feedback from all over the world/seems like everybody likes everything when you get to go global-hell,i am an old iggy pop fan-my favorite song he did was/chairman of the bored/or /i'm bored/i got the video from the best of the old grey whistle test/see ya-keep at it/peace-joe.

over 30 days ago to the deVillebillies

hi, hope you make me a connection. to celebrate my first year on broadjam and the opening of my new studio(check out the pics) i am offering two songs fully Mastered for FREE if you are interested, just get back to me and I will give you more details
thanks dave

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