Coal Miner's Cocaine

Story Behind The Song

A little research, a little melody.

Song Description

True story about the general situation of many mining folk in the West Virginia/Appalachian region.

Song Length 2:34 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Mood Jovial, Glad
Subject Miner, Painkillers Similar Artists The Mavericks, Hank Williams
Language English Era 2000 and later


Coal Miner's Cocaine

Grandpa was working in that mine number nine
When the fire burst under the ground
He made it to the surface with a broken back
But some of them ain't never been found

So his mining days were over and his working days too
He sat home and fought throught he pain
But he found a little something that would cut the edge
And we call it Coal Miner's Cocaine

Coal Miner's Cocaine is bringing the cash
Selling them little pills
The cops don't like it
But Grandpa wouldn't mind
It's a prescription that will pay your bills

The day that Grandpa died just sitting on the porch
His pills spilled out on the ground
So I keep refilling coal miner's cocaine
And his body ain't never been found
Every Friday night I head out of the woods
To the Interstate in the fast lane
I reckon city folks are crazy but they got that money
And I sell them coal miner's cocaine


I learned a couple things from the mining men
Hell's a hollow hole in the hills
And coal miner's cocaine as a retirement plan
Is a prescription that will cure your ills


C. Robson, copyright 2008

Lyrics Craig Robson Music Craig Robson
Producer Randy Green @ Randy's Recording, Cottage Grove, WI 2008 Publisher the deVillebillies, copyright 2008
Performance Craig Robson, Lead vocal & Lead guitar - David Hall, Backup vocal & Rhythm guitar - Bruce Towle, Backup vocal & Bass guitar - Terry Grinde, Backup vocal & Piano - Jim Dann, Drums Label the deVillebillies, self released, copyright 2008
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