Sandstone Steps

Song Description

Step by step, how to go to jail, then prison, without really trying...

Song Length 3:05 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Jovial Subject Prisoner, Prison
Similar Artists The Mavericks, Hank Williams Language English
Era 2000 and later


Sandstone Steps

I was minding my own business in this bar outside of town The night Sonny took his pool cue and laid that drunkard down
And I saw the whole thing happen; I was heading for the door
When that drunken out of towner came up looking for some more
And I didn't see the sheriff as I lit into that man
And that's the week that I spent three days in the Douglass County can

This punk kid in a MoPar cussed my beat up old Chevelle
So I chased him down the highway like a bat straight out of hell
I saw the red lights flashing
I felt like having fun
Suddenly I'm piled up staring down a cold, black gun
My efforts to explain things fell to no avail
And that's the month that I spent three weeks in the Douglass County Jail

Scooter owed me $40 so I made a midnight stop
I'm pulling off his sixties and look up and saw the cop
Well I'm only helping Scooter, sir, his bearings need some grease
But I didn't know his wife was the doggone sheriff's niece
That Black robed judge was listening, but he didn't hear my point
And that's the year that I spent six months in the Douglass County Joint

I'm a little short of money what from paying my court fees
So Pedro got me driving hauling Japanese TV's
Just this side of Rockford That rig starts running hot
How was I to know it wasn't Sonys, it was pot
And the DEA's all waiting I'm in court again
That's how I got ten years in the Sandstone Federal Pen

C. Robson, copyright 2008

Lyrics Craig Robson Music Craig Robson
Producer Randy Green @ Randy's Recording, Cottage Grove, WI 2008 Publisher the deVillebillies, copyright 2008
Performance Craig Robson, Lead vocal & Lead guitar - David Hall, Rhythm guitar - Terry Grinde, Piano - Bruce Towle, Bass guitar - Jim Dann, Drums Label the deVillebillies, self released, copyright 2008
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