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22-year old Pejman Roozbeh is a composer and producer of both electronic and acoustic music. He writes in an array of styles ranging from psychedelic trance to funky disco house to string quartets to piano music. His works feature other performing artist such as violinist and singer, Lacy Nicole.

A very adaptive artist, he can seamlessly integrate numerous genres into one song if needed. Appreciative of all forms of music old and new, with a very open mind and ear. Production comprises a combination of compositional musicality and technical know-how.

Jedi Sound Bio

Jedi Sound (real name: Pejman Roozbeh) is a music composer of both the electronic and acoustical styles. At nearly the age of 17, Pejman grew an immense interest toward creating electronic music. He used FL Studio (then Fruity Loops), a MIDI/sample sequencing software, to get familiar with how the process works. While teaching himself electronic music production and composition, he quickly realized that learning the piano would be an excellent benefit to his music-making process. For 3 years, he studied under piano instructor Susan Beaty, while at the same time, improving his skills as an electronic music composer and producer.

Understanding harmony, form, and the notion of thinking outside of the box became increasingly important to Pejman. He soon thereafter migrated from FL Studio to Apple's Logic Pro software. After majoring in Business for a year, Pejman changed his major into Music and applied to California Institute of the Arts' Music Composition program at age 19. After being accepted and undergoing schooling for the past two years, he has become a much more fulfilled musician during this period of time.

Pejman's interest in writing for acoustical and electronic music have increased as he's written more music for string instruments along with complicated/higher production electronic works. Pejman now focuses on writing primarily for string quartets and piano, continuing his electronic works, and incorporating those with a live band setting.

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