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Here is an excerpt/outtake from the back of my cd jacket which is in limited print
The animated Dreamworks movie SHREK helped jumpstart SWANS music career.{that is me I am swan}. SWAN and his brother MAC Who was in a band with MATT MAHAFFEY co- wrote the song "Stay Home" Thanks Matt. Thanks Dreamworks.Thanks SHREK. The artists who are featured on this record are Mostly members from SELF including
JASON RAWLINGS played drums My brother MAC BURRUS played bass and lead guitar on selected songs. MIKE MAHAFFEY Played lead guitar on selected songs. Mike past away just a short while ago. He was a friend to me when I did not have a friend. And he played the guitar better than me.Way better.Missing you Mike.BRIAN CARTER aka Captain Analog produced engineered sang back up vocals played piano,home phone co-wrote and was the mastermind of the details of the recording at his home studio PARADOX PRODUCTIONS.The whole record was Executive Produced by my Father SWAN BURRUS III who financed the entire effort and managed the creative forces that were involved with every aspect of the music and the art direction. None of this would have been possible with out Him.Thanks Pop! I got to mention the Writers and Co-Writers that contributed talent to the project. JASON MOORE and GARY WELCH of the KATIES, MAC BURRUS ,REED BENSON, EVERETT WILKERSON, RENEE ELLIS,BRIAN CARTER. Art direction JEREMY COWART of PIXELGRAZER graphic design AARON and MICHELLE GRAYUM. THE RECORD was Mastered by GEORGE MARINO at STERLING SOUND.Right now I got no band But I hope you like what we came up with once upon a time.Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.Now I can do some new stuff. So I like ELVIS and the BEATLES and LED ZEPPELIN and all kinds of stuff My name is Swan I play guitar and write songs. Lately I have been interested in programing beats for Rap artists and writing Jingles for Corporations and both large and small. Holla!
hope this works
also thanks to Alex from for the feature in the last Broadjam newsletter and special thanks to Jason from for featuring two songs from this recording in his most recent Podcast my first podcast ever !
Rock On everyone and enjoy the music thanks for taking the time to find out more about the music and the people who all made it come together.
God Bless

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