CRAIG HIGGINS - Keyboard player, guitarist and vocalist-by-default. Although I have been in and out of many bands over the years, most of my songs heard here on Broadjam were recorded in the simple "bedroom studio" environment. I've been fortunate to have the help of some good friends and relatives, who are musicians, in the recording of these songs. Quite often, however, I've had to play and sing all the parts myself out of necessity. Music is a constant learning experience. I still consider myself a student, some thirty years after I first began playing it. Many of my songs are experiments: some worked... some may not have worked so well. Either way, enjoy! :)

A modest resume: Composed and performed music for short films.
Keyboard sessions for CD tributes to Genesis and The
Doors. Played keyboards in band ARRIVAL, opening for diverse acts as Zebra, Joe Lynn Turner and Badfinger, among others. Always working on that NEXT song!

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