Sublimaze69, is an American born Singer/Writer/Songwriter, who is a multi-instrumentalist and enjoys writing and recording Music that falls under the the Rock/Acoustic/Folk Rock/Ambient/Electronic/Country/and Unique categories of Music Genres. He allows the Music he creates to flow out into the open naturally and doesn't ever try to force a song out. If he had to sum his entire music philosophy into one definition, it most certainly would be to "Keep It Simple, and Fun!" Sublimaze69 graduated Summa Cum Laude with Departmental Distinction with a Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance/ Music from Arizona State University. He also is an Extremely Shy and personal Artist!

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Sublimaze69 is currently uploading his Music here on BroadJam and will be making it available for anything, anyone sees it fit to be for! He cannot wait to start working on Music for any kind of project that comes his way, and is WIDE OPEN and AVAILABLE to begin working IMMEDIATELY!! ;-)

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I am Sublimaze69.
I am an American Musician. I love to write and perform Music in many different styles and genres. I write, record, and perform all of the instruments in all of my songs. There are only a handful of other things that I consider interesting other than Music, and predominantly, they are the things I write my Music about! About these things, I am quite passionate...


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Thank you so much for the review of Smashed in Style. We really appreciate the feedback!

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Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Sublimaze69

howdy Sublimaze69--and thank you for the kind words on Cookie Cutter Blonde the backing instrumental--you nailed it, and IF YOU WISH TO HEAR MY LYRICS (and sorry, i'm singing, but you'll get the's a total farce slap at the proverbial "cookie cutter blonde"--well just listen to the song on my page, same title Cookie Cutter Blonde vocal...let me know if it does the trick lyrically for you, hell man it took me 5 mins to write the music but 30 for the lyrics! LOL but true...all the best and thanx again! Warren Hein

over 30 days ago to Sublimaze69

Just updating my site! Its been awhile but I'm starting to write again and enjoy Music again! I missed feeling this way!! ;-)

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