Hi, my stage name is Vi.  I’m an award winning mountaintoper yet to craft his MonaLisa.  

Tools of the trade


iMac Quad 3.5 Ghz Intel Core i7 w/32 GB ram
Power Mac 8 Core 2.8 Processor w/16gigs ram
Pro-Tools 003 Rack & 003 Factory, Pro-Tools Mbox Pro
Pro-Tools v12, Logic Pro V.9

Focus Studio Near Field Pair Monitors
Genelec 8040 Stereo Pair Monitors

Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 12 Collector's Edition (Complete Electronic, orchestral, and Percussion VI package).

Virharmonic: Bohemian Cello

Heavyocity: Gravity, Novo Modern Strings, Forzo modern Horns, DM7, numerous others.

Omnisphere 2.

iZotope: Trash 2, Nectar 2 Production Suite, Stutter Edit, RX3

Reason 7

Waves Renaissance & Wave's L3 Bundles

Serato Pitch and Time LE

Output Sounds complete collection (April 2017): REV, Signal, Exhale, Movement, Substance, and Analog Stings. All Expansions.

Heavyocity: Gravity, Scoring Guitars, Novo Modern Strings

Sonokinetic Orchestral Suites: Grosso, Sotto, Maximo

East/West bundles:
Gypsy, Silk, Ministry of Rock, Goliath, Platinum Orchestration, Voices of Passion, Pianos Gold.

SM7B Microphone
Stereo Pair KSM141 Microphones
SM57 Microphone
SM 58 Microphone

Oxygen49 MIDI controller
Komplete Kontrol 49
Korg 88 Key weighted 01/W-ProX
Korg Kontrol2 MIDI controller
M-Audio Key Studio MIDI Controller

Sample Libraries:

Exode- Club Arp & Synth, Dubstep Bass, Club Bass. Sound and Effects- Netherworld 2. SM White Label- Underground Dubstep. Sounds to sample- Mash-up vocals, Biggest EDM drops. Function Loops- Vocal Bundle 3. Fox Samples- Dubstep Volume 3. Waveform Recordings- Glitched vocals Pt.2. Loopmasters- Complextro & Dubstep Wav volumes 1, 2, 3, N1 Massive Volume 1, Trance Hooks. Big Fish- Nu Jazz, Heatseakers, Metric, Reggaeton, Rotation, and several more.

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Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Vi: 00110110

Hey Nate! Hope all is well. Great build on the pinch of love tune sir, dig it !
Stay safe,

2 Replies
Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago

Thank you sir!

Bob Mau
over 30 days ago

you're welcome Sincerely Bob Mau

Good to hear these sounds from A! Keep On Truckin! P.

over 30 days ago to Vi: 00110110

Hey Vi - Thanks for that (necessarily) brutal review. (One Dark Night) Wish you could review all my tunes.
Truly appreciate the suggestions that totally make so much sense to me now that I re-listen.
Sometimes it takes another pair of ears.... Onward and Upward! Cheers!

1 Replies
Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago

I'm glad the information was well received. Remember.... There is no such thing as a bad way to self express. Just better ways to present that. Good luck, creator bless.


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