2017 Grammy-nominated first ballot CD Dull Unconscious Man available for purchase: http://www.cdbaby.com/stuckwithgreen12

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My name is Ron Potter. I'm a freelance composer who creates hybrid cinematic instrumentals and am about to embark on scoring movies. I'm also a Grammy-nominated artist who makes industrial rock songs and comedy songs. My Grammy-Nominated album Dull Unconscious Man can be found here: stuckwithgreen.hearnow.com You can compare my instrumental style to Trent Reznor and Paul Leonard Morgan and I look up to composers like Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman. I blend orchestral sounds with industrial, rock and electronic foundations.

Press Release, Nov 2014

Get 'Stuck With Green' on a Mood Elevator

Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing is a tongue-in-cheek trip through twenty-one tracks that leave listeners looking at the lighter side of life.

"Life is full of hardships, don't make it harder on yourself. Lighten up!" - Matt Thompson, Stuck With Green

Song Dad Won't Let Me Sing(ORLANDO, FLORIDA) November 3rd, 2014 - Matt Thompson steps off the stage after performing Stuck With Green's comedy song, "Big Cock of the Hen House." Someone from the crowd asks him a question, "Hey Matt, what's wrong with this world?" He smiles back - (still dressed in his yellow Cock suit) - and replies, "It's just too damn uptight!" However, Matt has a comedic cure for that chronic stress, and he knows that laughter is the best medicine. So, get 'Stuck With Green' on a mood elevator via their latest release, Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing.

The album contains twenty-one all-original tracks penned by Matt Thompson and Johnny Starburst (Evan Zappa.) As songwriters, Zappa and Thompson are hard to pin into any one genre, and that is precisely their goal. Matthew explains, "Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing is a very eclectic mix of novelty, comedy and experimental-electronic music. However, there's a backbone of sincerity in there for lucid listeners, willing to dig deeper should they dare."

Matt ThompsonHowever, don't dig too deep into tracks such as "Poop Gets on My Hands" and "Puke" - or you'll miss the humorous hygienic undertones that are meant to make you smile. With gull, the album also treads fearlessly into edgy societal topics such as half-completed transgender medical operations in the epic song "Half & Half." For those great in Spanish and Latin, there are hooky offerings such as "Mi Fiesta Es Su Fiesta" and the shameless binary beats within "Digitus Impudicus." If you like your tunes riskier and risqué try on the "Big Cock of the Hen House and "Fish and Tackle."

Stuck With Green's success over the last five years reflects Thompson's creative goals as both a performing artist as well as a songwriter. He expounds on the idea, "Artists such as Hans Zimmer and Oingo Boingo front- man Danny Elfman have had a great impact on me. Both of them are brilliant as visually-based composers." Released under their publishing company, and label, Starburst Music, Stuck With Green's Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing is now available both on Amazon.com as well as most other digital retail outlets.

Beginning in early 2015, Stuck With Green will begin to perform more heavily in and around Orlando, Florida in support of the album. Matt wants their fans to "not be their own worst enema" and flush their frustrations in life with laughter. So, get Stuck With Green on an all-natural 'Mood Elevator' and sing along with Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing.

Staci Green
Ph: (407) 588.9785

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Honorable Mention for songwriting for Juniper song You Rock My World, July 2009. "Only those artists who display particular talent or creativity receive such recognition." - songoftheyear.com

Runner-up recognition for Juniper song Crazy Love by songoftheyear.com, September 2008

Placements on the E! Channel and OWN Network.

First place winner for licensing deal from makeastar.com for Juniper song Escape, November 2006

Honorable Mention recognition for songwriting from Billboard's 13th Annual World Song Contest for Juniper song Naughty Girl, 2006. "Only the highest quality songs make it to the top. This honor demonstrates the talent and dedication it takes to write a hit song." - Billboard

Selection to pro-skateboarder Todd Falcon movie soundtrack, Call to Fly, released April 2005

Song of the Year Finalist for Juniper song For Being, June 2004

Two-time Honorable Mention recognition for Juniper songs Living With A Star and Hurt by songoftheyear.com, January and March 2004

Two-time Honorable Mention recognition for Juniper songs Thornless Roses and Hurt by songprize.com, 2004

First Runner-Up for licensing deal from makeastar.com for Juniper song Unspoken, February 2004

Crazy Love, Escape and Unpoken albums published by ACM Records. Permission granted to use this site.

Stuck with Green CDs are published by Starburst Music. Permission granted to use this site.

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