Toured nine years as guitar sideman .Touring time changed to studio time, time to write &
record. Went on to produce collective work of thirteen songs,
"Better Than Pretending",©1995/B.M.I.
Songs in the top ten,have stood on their own thanks to all the reviews from all of you.

I was listening to Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and I could hear the deep voice and the simple way the song was sung. If the opportunity is there, we would love Steven to re-record.
"Go Child" was written with such depth virtually almost directly from scripture - to "Life Saver" which is a beautiful song for Kids and Adults alike, all the way to Gossip and in your face song about that subject.
All songs are available for download and CD is for sale at

Have a listen and God Bless!

Rebecca Beck

Latest News

Some of the songs were recorded in Durango,Colorado and some in
Scottsdale. Some songs are demo songs and stripped down. Though, that is Steven on that narrow road. We are glad that he has a venue for his music and hope when we see him again, he'll have some new songs for us to put on the site.
Thank you all for your reviews. His songs are available
All of the Art is also Steven's,feel free to browse.
God Bless,

Rebecca Beck

Press Info

Most of Steven's time playing has been to spread the good message to people through his music.
He has traveled to many Correctional Institutions to play for inmates to give them hope. Coffee houses and playing with other bands, have been many of his venues. When we see him next, we hope he has some new songs to record, now that we have a quiet studio room instruments can be added and songs remixed.
For the present Steven has decided to record some new songs and we are working on getting him to rerecord some of the songs on the site. If your interested in taking up the challenge of updating one of these songs and bringing new life into them, let us know and we'll get a hold of Steven. One Broadjam artist has done so and we can't wait to hear it.

God Bless!
Rebecca Beck

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Most songs are anywhere from 3 to 25 years old, performed in prisons and other venues to get out the news of the Lord
Went on to produce collective work of 13 songs,
"Better Than Pretending"

Steven has an Incredible Unique voice that bring the songs alive. He is a simple story teller of sorts with a deep voice that resonates the meaning straight to the heart.
In the time Steven has had his music on Broadjam, his stripped down and simple but direct songs have stood in the top ten folk & country & religious genres, some for months at a time. When we see our traveler that walks the narrow path again, we hope he will have many songs to record and now with a quiet studio room, we can remix some of the other songs, add the instruments needed and remix the vocals.
Contact us at
for more info.
God Bless!
Rebecca Beck

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