haiku: Music for the thinking man:
haiku, the first album from haiku is an ambient album. The music is inspired by the beauty and various lights in nature - a perfect soundtrack for pictures.

On the album mondo haiku has welded the dance beat sounds of Bloc Party with the production and innovation of Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons, joining an intense musical background with dance pop sensibilities that will strike every chord in your body!
The album just got 5 stars in a Danish Newspaper

Third album from haiku is pure instrumental ambient music creating an inner peace and helping listener to achieve the mental state of flow

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haiku has just released third album FLOW
It is more than one hour of ambient electronica and meditative music, perfect for yoga, qui gong, meditation and creative work flow

haiku biography

Haiku started as a solo project for Henrik Hytteballe, releasing the album haiku
nov. 2006. Henrik Hytteballe compose and play piano and keyboards.
haiku was recorded with help from fine musicians and singers and produced by Freddy Albrektsen. The music is ambient music and rock melting together. It is a perfect soundtrack for pictures or for a quiet night at home in the sofa.

When making the new album mondo, Henrik teamed up with singer and guitarist Sokomo to create the tale of Mañana; the hidden continent and the story of Prince Mondo. In the late 80ties Sokomo and Henrik Hytteballe played together in a duo called haiku. Today they are reunited as haiku, because making music is so important for both of them. Together they create valid music with much substance and sensibility.
Sokomo wrote the lyrics and Henrik Hytteballe composed the music. Together with 5 musicians they recorded mondo, a rock concept album. Shakespeare, Philosophers and the Bible inspire the story; many fine British rock bands inspire the music from Pink Floyd, Simple Minds to Editors and Bloc Party.
Freddy Albrektsen again produced the album, and the production is sharp and distinctive, making a perfect balance between music and vocal.

Sokomo and Henrik Hytteballe are working on new material and are preparing live performances for 2009 together with Freddy Albrektsen.

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