"Freedom from convention, music with intention." This has been the motto for Spiral Trance since day one. It is this very motto that has set the indie-metal quartet at the forefront of their peers, ringing true louder than ever with their Rat Pak Records debut release, All In Due Time. Without regard for any one specific genre, Spiral Trance has seamlessly carved out a niche for themselves introducing a progressive, indie element to the modern, hard-rock world.

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The Me You See is now on the Rock Band Network! Download it now for your Xbox 360!


"Freedom from convention, music with intention." This has been the motto for Spiral Trance since day one and it is this very motto that has set the indie-metal quartet at the forefront of their peers. Without regard for any one specific genre, Spiral Trance have seamlessly carved out a niche for themselves by introducing a progressive, indie element to the modern, hard rock world.

On the back of several EP's and five self promoted national tours, Spiral Trance emerged from the studio to deliver their most diverse and cohesive offering to date. From the gorgeous piano melodies and metal guitar attack of title track Triggers, to the relentless guitar riffing and sing-a-long chorus hooks of the closing track Blacklight, hard rock and metal fans alike will have something truly unique to embrace.

2011 and 2012 took the band across the country and back playing on their previous release All In Due Time and thus commenced writing for their upcoming release. 2010 began with the music video premiere for the album's first single, The Me You See, shown to a sold out crowd in their hometown of Milwaukee, WI. The video has been awarded Official Top 10 Status by the Las Vegas Film Festival, and among the best of over 1000 film entries from 30 different countries. In conjunction, The Me You See was also a featured download, and playable track in the popular, worldwide game Rock Band, when the game's creators, Harmonix, launched the Rock Band Network in the spring of 2010. 2010 also saw Spiral Trance win for the second year in a row as Hard Rock Artist of the Year at the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Awards, an award they previously held in 2009. Just three years earlier, the band won the 2006 Song of the Year award for their song Hellacious. In 2008, Spiral Trance was one of 20 unsigned artists hand-picked to perform at the Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase in Tampa Florida, hosted by industry pros and radio personalities, J-Rock and Patty. Subsequent radio play of their single Dead Set on the nationally syndicated Rock Solid Pressure Radio Show garnered Spiral Trance the coveted Q's House Artist Of The Year Award from Orlando-based A&R scout Quinton Sheer. In 2007, the song Breathe Again was licensed by Mississippi-based Lightning Lab Productions for use in the film documentary, Solid Bodies, The 50 Year Guitar War, featuring legendary Allman Brothers guitarist Derek Trucks and blues prodigy Joe Bonamassa, among others. In addition, the songs We Are and When After Comes were featured on two E-Books penned by Master of Horror writer Alan Dane.

Spiral Trance gained national publicity with two nominations and performances at the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2001 and 2002 as National Artist of the Year. In 2002, Spiral Trance placed in the Top 10 at the ASCAP Grammy Showcase Awards for their song Hellacious and again in 2003 for Breathe Again.

Spiral Trance has done numerous hard rock showcases, including the world famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, Calif., The Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase in Tampa, Fla., Chicago's MECA Music Conference and Milwaukee's internationally known music festival, Summerfest, where they've played to enthusiastic crowds for the last several years.

Spiral Trance has charted on more than 50 CMJ radio stations throughout the country and received airplay on several national stations, such as KWTF in Waco, Texas, WJJO in Madison, Wis., WLUP in Chicago, Ill., and KCLA Radio in Los Angeles, Calif., among many others.

"Exuding star power and a pure, raw energy, Spiral Trance does a deadly live show as well as providing superb material from the recording studio..." says Dirty Dave of KCLA Radio in Los Angeles. "Spiral Trance is one band not to miss."

Spiral Trance is the epitome of a band rooted in determination and persistence; performing as a finely tuned machine and continually working toward a groove that only occurs when energy is focused in solidarity.

Dead Set on making you insane...


Influenced by every genre, heavy, light and everything between.

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Matia Dathen
over 30 days ago to SPIRAL TRANCE

Great feedback on my 'Heartless' song. Funny stalker story, must tell you sometime. The musical idea was a changeup piece that didn't fit in a hardcore KORN styled song i'm still writing. By itself, it sounded sappy, like what you hear now. It is just a snippet that needs a full rework, but the video was what I was after, my first one and hammy as hell. I do have this wierd thing for an acoustic rhythm track with an electric lead over it. But i'm sentimental like that.

Horns up,


Wes Dinwiddie
over 30 days ago to SPIRAL TRANCE

Thank you for your review of "Break the Silence"... you provided some really useful info and some really nice comments, much appreciated! I noticed that one of your major influences is Type O... man I love those guys (platonically of course) lol! Saw them in '95 with Pantera in Houston and again in Anaheim a couple of years ago. I could really hear their influence in your song "End this Lie". Good track brother nice work!

2 Replies
over 30 days ago

Thank you brutha, Ya we love Type O platonically too!!! Thanks for noticing the influence in our track, always nice to hear... Good to hear from ya and good luck with everything you got goin on, maybe we can hook up for a show sometime down the road... Until then, horns to ya!!!

Wes Dinwiddie
over 30 days ago

Hey thanks! Unfortunately I'm a 'one man band'... but hey, let me know if you're ever in the San Diego/LA area and I might be able to come out and support the cause at least... back stage passes anyone? anyone? Ha! Would love to have you guys blow my eardrums out at a live show!

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