good times

Song Length 3:18 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


feelin' dire over looking time passing you
darkness falls upon you let the sadness pass you by
oh bye-bye
your looks
the matter of the day
so effected by what the people say
some have wrinkles hair turning white
you might be loosing yours tonight

hey yo hey yo hey yo
good times here we go
hey yo hey yo hey yo
feel the good times

so concentrated in trying to make it
study late at night do the best you can
striving hard
untill i make it 'till the end
to find a letter saying "i'm gone.."
to booze you say "hey hey"
not only that but you hear a buzz
she's warming up her body
with your best pal's lip
deep low man frustration overblows your mind
submitted to the sorrows of your life


media is a drag
facts and lies
people loosing morals ego driven
tainted hearts and blasted views
so what more can we do?

Lyrics zaak Music zaak
Producer zaak/zdar Publisher zaak
Performance zaak

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