all 'bout the groove

Song Length 3:26 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Funk
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


some feel like walking talking
all 'bout the groove your getting
when you're sitting on your rocking chair
do your thinking planning
grooviest way to getting up and shaking your booty
take fo layer by layer
'till you get to the bottom of all your anger
peel it gently baby
and don't forget your surrounded

imagine all the people dreaming
living every little dream they have in mind

it's all confusing
it can make you lose your head
be blind not see the beauty
it ain't easy sleazy
all about to explode in our faces
if we're not respecting
we've got consciousness so use it
sole possession we can control
makes all the difference
praise imagination
be guided by dreams

Lyrics zaak Music zaak
Producer zaak/zdar Publisher zaak
Performance zaak

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